The moment you notice extra strands on your comb, you realize your hair is thinning.

It is not a happy feeling.

But as luck would have it, medical science has come a long way.

Hair loss is now preventable.

As one leading dermatologist pointed out, “Hair loss is not just about genetics. Our environment and mental & physical stress play an important role too. And these things we can take care of”.

For most people the answer to warding off hair loss is simple enough.

They must maintain a healthy diet and take good care of their hair by using the right shampoo.
Besides, we tend to have a few ruinous habits that take a toll on our hair.

Here are a few of them.

Vigorous drying of hair

Forceful drying of hair by a towel is destructive to your hair cuticles. Instead you must pat your hair dry.

Coming in contact with chlorine

Chlorine - an ever-present component in a swimming pool spoils hair by eliminating natural oils from strands.
A sound way to prevent this occurrence is by using a moisture shampoo and conditioner before going for a dip.

Exposure to Sunlight

Robust sunrays have the potential to disintegrate the bonds that holds hair together. Use a hair SPF.

Vigorous brushing

Aggressive brushing puts plenty of stress on hair fiber, with the result hair cuticles flake and strip away.
Brush your hair gently.

Using the wrong hair products

Never ever use a bar soap for your hair. Your first step must be to use the right shampoo.

And importantly rely on modern developments. The beauty industry is witnessing amazing progress in the hair restoration landscape.

One of them is Keratin treatment for hair loss.

With astounding success stories and a huge clientele, this treatment is going places.

Keratin is a key protein that is present in our hair. Its function is to act as a shield from external elements.

Due to various factors like pollution, and exposure of UV rays, the keratin present in our hair gets depleted.

When you make use of keratin treatment hair loss is preempted because keratin is artificially added to make your hair look glossy and smooth.

One of the main reasons why women lose hair is because of male pattern baldness. This condition is caused by a hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone).

An effective way to treat this condition is to take the right supplements. Choose one of the top 10 DHT blocker supplements to stop or minimize hair loss.

Healthier and stronger hair is no longer a dream, it is a distinct reality.

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