To stop face picking the first thing that you need to address is your issues with perfectionism when trying to stop picking. When You think to stop face picking you think of picking acne or compulsive pimple popping. Sometimes you start face picking at stuff that is not noticeable or is not there at all. It seems like people today pick because they think that they need to look like perfectly sculpted statues and have completely smooth skin. This is a good example of the way in which our subconscious mind can push us into anxiety, stress and physical problems such as face picking. To just try to stop skin picking and simply get rid of your pimples should not be your priority you should try getting rid of your perfectionism the root of your face picking problem.

This approach of re training and conditioning your mind is very similar to Psychodermatology (the practice of treating skin disorders using psychological and psychiatric techniques). Our subconscious mind is always compelling us to spend more time on tasks than is really needed. When trying to stop picking the majority of skin pickers will have a struggle with perfectionism. People are always wanting perfect smoothness or trying to achieve a flawless state. Perfectionism can hook people in different ways like through face washing obsessively or picking pimples on skin or on your face. If You have been wanting to get rid of pimples on your face and have been wondering how to stop face picking sometimes all you need to do is work on your issues with perfectionism.

Not only do people feel like they need to be perfect with there skin they also are triggered to pick when they feel the need to be perfect in other areas in their life as well...for example:

- Wanting things to go perfect
- Always seeking approval to gauge how perfect you are
- Want perfection with appearance
- Want power to make things perfect for yourself
- Want to be perfect for partner

To stop face picking you need to understand that perfectionism is a type of obsession.

An obsession comes about because your subconscious mind is worried about blemishes like pimples on the skin or pimples on the face. Perfectionism is the feeling that 'you can never seem to get it just right' and if you don't get it like you want, you feel that you will be criticized and rejected. This problem all stems from conditioning. Somewhere along the way your mind may have picked up the script 'I will never be good enough' and from there you picked up perfectionism. That perfectionist emotion is what caused you to want to pick your face. So getting to understand your issues with perfectionism can really help you when trying to stop face picking.

When learning to stop face picking the picker feels that they cannot ask for help. Asking for help would symbolize failure or imperfection. So you have to do it all by yourself using your own self discipline. Each time a person settles down to do something stressful such as try to stop picking their face, the subconscious mind triggers the worry first, and then the obsession with 'getting it done the right way'.

When trying to stop face picking perfectionist thoughts can be very scary because technically fear is created to remind us that we need to get some help. The problem is that it is interpreted by our subconscious mind as proof that you are ‘imperfect’ triggering the script all over again. Then if this is done over and over your mind will be conditioned for perfectionism. So remember if you are fearing something it may be your time to deal with and conquer it and re-condition your subconscious mind with new thoughts. Getting rid of the repeated scripts you say in your head are going to be your keys to stop face picking.

If you spend too long doing something over and over again then your body will start to feel frustrated. Then your body is going to create the emotion known as frustration. When your subconscious notices frustration, it misinterprets that as more proof of failure. So the script gets triggered again, and again.

When you ask yourself "how can i stop picking my face" and the thought makes you frustrated that should be your signal to just give yourself a break and relax. The first step towards breaking free of the trap is to block out the negative thoughts and scripts. Own up to failing, try to enjoy it, learn from it and go out an let yourself have fun and fail. If you allow yourself to not be perfect and be alright with failure you will definitely help yourself out when your trying to stop face picking.

When Trying To Stop Face Picking, Perfectionism Is The Enemy, Here’s Why You Should Avoid Being Perfect In Anything You Do:

- It makes you unhappy since it’s impossible to achieve perfection or be perfect.

- It causes procrastination because striving for the unattainable makes it hard to get started.

- It creates self criticism and low self esteem because perfectionists are never happy with what they have done.

- Perfectionists can’t delegate, meet deadlines, handle criticism

- Last but not least Perfectionists can’t stop face picking.

Also perfectionism can lead to scalp picking, lip picking and other types of skin picking where you then will have to teach your self to stop scalp picking and stop lip picking as well. Failure is a normal part of growing and improving yourself or your work which includes learning how to handle constructive or even non constructive criticism. If you have a problem with perfectionism try to remember this saying...

“If you’re not failing, chances are you’re not trying hard enough.”

Stop Face Picking By Not Being A Perfectionist

First embrace the imperfection of your face and be fine with imperfections. Remember that having bumps on your face is usually pretty normal and nothing to be ashamed of. Take pride in finishing things, getting stuff out there and learn from the process and feedback so you can get better next time. Make a deadline and finish the job, when you do things like this you will slowly be teaching your self to stop face picking as well.

Now understand that being a perfectionist kills creativity and productivity. Settle for as good as it can be done in the time available. If people like what you’ve done or they are still interested you can always come back and improve on what ever thing that you are doing later.

If you really want to stop face picking really get yourself to understand that perfection does not exist. You’ll be happier and have the power to stop face picking once you can get yourself to really believe this. Always remember that people love us for our flaws because they’re what make us unique. Flaws are what makes a handmade work of art more valuable than a cookie cutter factory replica.

Try this exercise to help you stop perfectionism:

Have at least one day a week where you just do what you can and do it the best you can without it having to be perfect and then be done with it.

The same day also look in the mirror and find all the things that you really would not change or that you are happy for and realize that being perfect is insanity.

If you are constantly stressing yourself out with perfectionism you will never be able to get anything done as well as teach yourself to stop face picking.

When Perfectionism Takes Over You Need Need To Find Out What Thoughts are Causing It, So Your Mind Can Then Be Free Which Will Stop Face Picking For Good.

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My name is Sophia Brooks and I own and operate the site and It has information to help skin pickers out there to learn how to stop picking their skin naturally, heal your mind and body and deal with stress anxiety and old past emotions. This enables you to free yourself from many ailments including skin picking. I had struggled with compulsive skin picking when I was a young child all the way through mid 30's. I finally discovered that changing my diet and my thoughts of worry and anxiety where the main thing keeping me addicted. I learned to re-balance my mind and body with minerals and proper mental exercises. I no longer had my skin picking condition and realized that it was just a symptom of a bigger problem with my emotions and mental state. Once I figured this out I wanted to tell the world in hopes that I can reach as many skin picking sufferers as I can.