Sometimes I run into people who are making plenty of money but complain about how little they have. It’s analogous to the spoiled child who upon receiving a gift complains that he or she didn’t get a bigger one, or a better one, or more than one gift. What would be your reaction if you had been the giver? Probably disappointed, frustrated, or maybe even angry. You certainly wouldn’t feel like giving another gift.

The Universe may not react with emotions but it does respond to your thoughts and actions. When it responds to your thoughts, it’s called the Law of Attraction. When it responds to your actions, it’s called karma. So when you complain instead of being grateful, the Universe will give you more of the same. But when you appreciate each small gift, the Universe will give you more of the same in increasing quantities.

This reminds me of one of my wealthy friends who was talking about his failures and mishaps recently. The conversation was depressing and I realized that I attracted that conversation because I was doing the same thing. I was fussing, complaining, and lamenting instead of appreciating, loving, and being grateful for the things that were going well.

Why do I do this? I think it’s because of what I call the proportions misperception. If it seems like there are more negative things than positive things, I focus on the majority, which is negative. The interesting thing is that when I change my focus to the minority of positive things, they start expanding until the positive becomes the majority.

That’s how the Law of Attraction works. Being grateful for even the smallest gift, paves the way for more to come to you. You transform your spoiled child into a grateful adult.

My point, however, is that the perception that the majority is negative is an illusion. If you were to stop what you were doing right now and make a list of all the negative and positive things in your life in two separate columns, you would probably have more positive things than negative. But the tendency is to blow the negative out of proportion so the ego can draw attention to itself by complaining and lamenting.

I think that’s what my friend was doing. If he were to say how well everything is going, how much money he is making, how much he is enjoying his life, the response would be “Oh that’s great,” and not much more attention would be given to it. But when he tells someone about all of the problems he has had, he gets a lot more attention, sympathy, pity, etc.

You might be reading this and saying, but I’m not making enough money, I don’t have anything to celebrate, and I say nonsense! If you can always find something to complain about, then you can also always find something to celebrate. Just understand that when you lament about the negative things, it’s the ego, trying to get attention.

What’s the solution? The solution is to get rid of the need for attention. You can do it by applying the following Law of Attraction techniques:
• Improve your self-worth or self-esteem so you don’t need to get attention by complaining or lamenting. When you feel worthy of your success, you can create more of it.
• Be thankful for all of your accomplishments, whether they are small or large. Don’t fall into the trap of lamenting that you haven’t reached your big goal yet. Instead, appreciate yourself along the way.
• Break down your big goal into smaller ones, so you can celebrate their attainment at each step.
• Find something every day that you have done that you can celebrate and appreciate yourself for.
• Only talk to others about your accomplishments, never on your failings. You can do this in a non-egotistical way so instead of “bragging,” you are “inspiring.”

In conclusion, be grateful for your gifts and be an inspiration to others by sharing your gifts.

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