We all have that tendency to give excuses. Something bad happens in our life, Because of them. Something went wrong, because of them. But in the end, we need to understand that this happens in our life, relates to us only. Directly or indirectly,there is we are the reason, whatever happen to us.

We keep complaining about life is hard to us only, nobody supporting us and helping out. But we need to find the way out by our own. But for that we have to stop giving excuses. We need to keep learning from that failure, from that person, from that situation. And make sure to keep working on that. Just as the every greatest leaders, have done in their hard phase. Better to have a role model in your life, from whom you get an inspiration & confidence.
Remember it's you who are the ultimate reason behind your life, no one else.

We all have the same 24 hours
As we keep complaining about that life has given them everything easily, But we simply have no idea how much struggle lead them here. It’s not always easy, as it seems. If they achieved so much in fewer times, then that’s because they utilize their time well than us. It's because they learn from their failure and work on that, Instead of complain over it.

Everyone in the world has the same day of 24 hours. Not more than that nor less. Those who are successful, are because of this same hours’ efforts.

They want to stop you, so keep Learning and keep working
You may complain that no one is supporting you, or everyone is against you. Agree. But if you turn back to listen, what they are saying about you. You stay at the same place. Keep them laughing on your weakness, keep them laughing at you.

You better to focus on your developments & learning. While they party, Learn. While they sleep, Work. While they laugh, ignore. But make sure, you gonna be yourself that much competent, that your success later on give all reply. Stay away from negativity that people deliver, it's just blocking your way to grow

Don’t complain they broke trust, it’s you who expect more
It's our mistake when we expect from others to help. We blindly trust on them, that they’ll help us when needed. And when the time comes, due to some reason they deny to help us. We going to depression & feeling helplessness.

We depended on them for work, and we blame them for not supporting. But we forget that it’s our fault that we expect from them. They are exactly right at their point, but we having too much expectation & reliance on them, instead of believing on own self. Deal with rejection like a lesson you have learned in life.

You are the reason for your failure, not others
No one here is a reason for success or failures of yours. Yes, we can help each other to grow, to motivate, but in the end, it’s individual's efforts who lead to goals. They motivate, they inspire, they guide, they do all things to achieving it. But Is it possible, if you yourself don’t take the first step?

Give them credits who help you, who guide you. And give credits to you as well, that you are the one who took that 1st Step and make it happen.

Don't listen to them, if you do, you decrease your level
When you are about to do something different, something unique. You have to face the criticism of theirs. Because for them, you are different & unusual. Yes, you are unique. You have unique skill & power, but don’t waste time to make them understand you. Because they’ll never understand you. So don't complain that they are not understanding you.

If they keep spreading rumors about you, let them. It’s their time, let them waste it. It’ll be better for you to keep working in silence, Because your future success, will show your strength to them them later on. You know your path, your struggle. You are Tough. And need not to give any explanation to other, so don't stop and keep doing your work.

They know your name only, not your journey
It is really very confusing for, that how can someone talk about so much about you. When all they know about is your NAME only. Remember they know only what they understand. Still, you have valid points to say, they never agree with you, because it’s their level of understanding.

They can see you growing, but not able to see your efforts. An effort which you put to raise. So it’s better to let them spread rumors about you because those who know you well will never accept to them.

Don’t waste time on things which not useful
As we all have that limited time frame to get things done. We tend to spend more of the time in the things which are not useful. Time wasted in doing things which not adding values to us, is trash. Plan your day, well. You have a lot many things to do, a lot many to learn, but time is less.
So better to organize your time well. Set your schedule according to the goal priorities, and don’t let your precious time wasted by anyone, anything.

Don’t rely on luck, Keep working and Change it.
I have seen the people who believe so much in luck.

If they acquire something, because of luck. If failed at something, because of luck. They believed, all the things happen because of luck. When they someone being successful, they think it’s their luck who bring all to them. They haven’t aware of the hard work a person has put to achieve that success.

They forget about working over believe in luck. It’s not always luck who lets you there, it’s your hustles. It’s your hard work that makes it happen. They believe their future decided by luck. No one can predict the future, But we are shaping our future, our destiny and all by working actively.

If they are not Inspiring you,
Don't let their words Stop you.

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