“Seeing Aint Believing, & Talk Aint Cheap, Yes Really”

• 1. Cliches are on auto-pilot in our brain, so there is NO left-brain analysis about what they really mean.

• 2. Successful people do NOT wait until their GOALS materialize completely – before they add a Mustard-Seed of faith in beginning new behaviors.

• 3. If we WAIT to see our goals in reality, before we believe in them, we are not motivated to learn new skills required to create our GOALS. Conclusion: “Believing-Is-Seeing!”

• 4. Is there SEEING in, “seeing-is-believing?” Yes, but it is in your mind, “mental-movies” emotionalizing our desires (goals).
If you believe the cliché – like everyone else, you remain in the Status-Quo, unlike successful people.

• 5. How much is, “faith the size of a mustard-seed?”

• Answer: the head-of-a-pin. But “double” your faith to the size of two-mustard-seeds, and you become creative, imaginative, and in our experience with ten-thousand executives, successful.

• Vividly (acutely) mentally visualize your heart’s desires, and above all don’t be bland about it. The essential element that causes folks to fail in manifesting their goals is lack of Emotionalizing.

• Once you GOT (own) it, how will you feel, believe, & act daily?
Now in-the-present, before it is a physical reality, FEEL-that-way!

• 6. You see where we’re going. “Talk-Aint-Cheap!” Self-Talk, Internal-Dialogue, & Subvocalization, are “Your-Inner-Child,” 80% of the time offering you ANTs (Automatic-Negative-Thoughts). And we believe them, & stop trying.

• 7. Question: whose voice does your brain believe unconditionally, (unquestioningly) - your parents, the President of the U.S., or “You!”?

• Your brain never questions your-voice, or your facial-expressions. Does the software on your computer question the judgment of your “typed commands”? Ridiculous.

• Whatever thoughts you hold consistently, followed by the Emotions associated with those thoughts, creates your beliefs.
And your beliefs create your behaviors (actions).
• “Talk-Aint-Cheap”, it’s the electro-chemical signals you use to communicate with your brain. Gestures, body-language, and expecially, your Facial-Expressions are non-verbal cues (feedback) to your brain.

• 8. If you are constantly complaining, blaming, and criticizing others for how they treat you, you are instructing your brain to believe, think & act negatively. It self-sabotages your success in acing tests, winning promotions, and in personal relationships. Wealth-creation too.

• Awareness of your self-talk is critical. We want APTs, Automatic Positive Thoughts to lead your brain to life-success in whatever you attempt. Conclusion: Talk-Is-Expensive for successful folks.
• 9. New Subject on-our-mind.
An ancient Chinese philosophy required carrying a large-denomination bill on your person (wallet). It was a symbol of what you were desirous of attracting.
• 10. A millennium later, many Chinese business people, carry a replica (or the real-deal) of a thousand-dollar bill. It is a common joke in Hong Kong that even poor people walk-around with at least one - $100 bill.

• 11. Do you know what President is on the $1,000 bill in U.S. currency? Wait. Second part of the question, “what “number” was he on the list of Presidents?

• 12. Grover Cleveland, and he is listed as BOTH the 22nd and 24th Presidents of the U.S. How come? Google it.

• 13. In the year 2,000, we started handing out replicas of One-thousand-dollar bills to our students. We started with corporate executives. We told them to fold it and carry it in their wallets.

• They were told to take Grover Cleveland out at noon, and 3:00 pm (daily) & to peruse the bill with deep attention & awareness. Simultaneously, they were instructed to run their dominant index finger across it horizontally, from top-to-bottom.

• Finally, the researchers of this Mind Experiment were told to mentally-visualize their bank-account with “one-or-many, one-thousand-dollar bills deposited. Stupid, superstitious, nonsense, right?

• 14. Twelve-years later we still receive email & gifts from graduates (mostly executives), about the INSANE instances of financial success achieved since the Grover Cleveland strategy.

• Are the results because of the Power of Suggestion, a Placebo Effect, or just the large number-of-graduates?
Answer: Who cares? We subscribe to the theory, Do-a-Mind-Experiment, if you choose to, and “If-It-Works, Use-It!”
• P.S. One CEO (banana) claims he won a huge amount of “Clevelands”, the first and only time, he played LOTTO.

A dozen emailed, about their financial success in trading foreign currency, both in rising and shorting it. Many more said they were believers in “Grover” because they received unexpectant
(read – “undeserved”) corporate promotions. Folks like wealth.


We believe in: “Tap-In, Turn-On, & Tune-In!” into whatever works for you. It very often sounds and looks like jerkiness & superstition, so it requires an inhibition of skepticism, and an excitement of two-mustard-seeds of faith. Your choice, right?

See ya,
Copyright © 2012, H. Bernard Wechsler

Author's Bio: 

H.Bernard Wechsler, business partner of Evelyn Wood, creator of speed reading, graduating 2-million, including the White House staffs of four U.S. Presidents.
Director of www.speedreading101.org. View Jimmy Carter, in-terview. Youtube: view, speed reading 101 at Columbia university.