Stone Massage for Pets with Cancer
A Catalyst for Health Enhancement
By. Sonia Alexandra, World Renowned Stone Massage Pioneer
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Stone Therapy for Cancer

Stone massage is a physical practice with a vital spiritual root. This therapy utilizes heat-retaining warm massage stones using a balance of semiprecious stones and crystals.

The Effects of Stones Therapy; Its Curative Properties

What makes stone therapy so effective? When combined with stone therapy, the power transforming energies from the stones impart natural antidotes to disorders and ionic distortions creating harmony and restoration. Thermal conduction in a warm stone brings about local and systematic changes in the body, and influences the energy centers for the body. The application of hands in conjunction with the stones helps produce energy that assists with and directs vital flow to areas of blockage. The harmonious use of various massage techniques and the variegated transformational properties of the mineral and semiprecious stones produce a deepened state of relaxation for our precious pets suffering with cancer.

Stone Therapy is an ancient method of treatment and health preservation. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) recognizes the connection between crystals, stones and the physical body. In fact, TCM uses crystals as part of its pharmacopoeia. Ancient stone therapy, as recorded in the Yellow Emperor, included moxibustion and was also incorporated with knowledge of meridians/collaterals therapy.

The Stones (Nature’s Gifts)

The temperature of the stone is transferred to the body by means of conduction. The longer the application, the deeper penetration via reflex conductions to muscle, tissue and joints. Penetration may reach up to .5 inches into the superficial layer of muscle. Following exposure to heat, the surrounding tissue may contain an excess of blood due to increased blood flow caused by a derivative response known as vasodilatation.

As blood leaves congested areas, there is a localized increase of capillary blood pressure. Red and white blood cells multiply, and for every 34 degrees of Fahrenheit rise in internal temperature, metabolism increases by 10 to 15 percent. This occurs through broad application of warm stones to the body, which in turn aids in the treatment of weakened conditions by stimulation and pet’s detoxification.

How Warm Stones Effect Our Pet’s Systems
• Increase in heart rate and respiration
• Vasodilatation of capillaries
• Flexibility by relaxation of connective tissue
• Increase in metabolism and elimination
• Increase in migration of leukocytes
• Defense against infection

Circulatory System: Provides lymph drainage and toxin removal. Promoted thermogenesis and cell hydration.

Musculoskeletal System: Increases range of motion. Nourishes inter-vertebral ligaments. Helps mobilize connective tissue. Softens elastin, collagen and adhesive tissue.

Nervous System: Calms the nervous system. Provides balance throughout parasympathetic system. Nourishes nerve cells.

Vascular System: Increases the flow and rate of blood circulation. Causes veins to dilate or widen.

Visceral/Organ System: Provides relaxation, decongestion and detoxification.

The energy and mineral content of the stones forms a powerful synergy of healing energies as they impart their natural antidote to ionic distortions and disorders. The stones transmit energy when placed on specific points on the body, and remove blockages, dissolve stress, neutralize negative energies, draw energy away from over stimulated areas, and reenergize depleted areas. The result is an overall feeling of well being and balance. The subtle electromagnetic energy of stones transmutes and transforms resulting in what I call “stone bio resonance,” a vibrational release.

Lymphatic drainage is also increased by combining cool and warm stones. As lymphatic flow is altered, the body is transformed on a cellular level. This combination is also effective for increasing general circulation to vaso-restricted areas of the body. Stone therapy is a holistic approach that affects the pet on all planes: physical and emotional. But don’t take my word for it – the concrete proof is the experience.

Our animals no longer need to suffer in silence. Stone therapy is now available for our pets suffering from cancer. These stones are used to massage pressure points, and they are also used in general treatment to soothe and calm. This treatment helps deal with nausea, anxiety, fatigue, and other symptoms, which often go hand in hand with the treatment to fight this disease.

Complementary Therapy

There are many modalities and techniques which can be used safely, not only to help ease side effects of traditional cancer treatments, but also to enhance the immune system. Unique bodywork protocols for pets with cancer are the use of ancient techniques such as warm stone therapy and reflexology. The benefits are often tangible in lessening nausea, easing pain, anxiety and depression, and improving appetite and sleep patterns. This therapy actively helps the healing process. Most people who work with pets with cancer are deeply affected by the experience.

About Contraindications

With lifting the taboo on massage and cancer, it is still important to recognize that there are sometimes contraindications. For example you wouldn’t work directly on a tumor location or areas of lymphedema without special training. Sometimes the use of heat is contraindicated if a pet has a heart condition. People who wish to work with a pet suffering with cancer definitely need to do their research. A great place to start is Gayle MacDonald’s Medicine Hands Book, which has guidelines in regards to massage therapy in conjunction with cancer. When beginning specific therapeutic work with a pet suffering with cancer, training is essential. Every pet has different needs.

Stone Massage Earth Medicine

Full body stone therapy sessions are key techniques that can accompany reflexology and healing touch. Both chemotherapy and radiation deplete the immune system and rob the body of vital Chi energy. One of the primary reasons to use hot stones is to strengthen and support the internal organs; healing our pet’s bodies from within.

Blending Chi energy at the center of the body where the organ resides also reduces pain and anxiety. Energy healing be definition works in a nonphysical way – the interconnection of mind and body. It has a therapeutic effect simply helping our beloved pets to feel better no matter what stage cancer is in. These procedures can be very beneficial during the early phrase of chemotherapy or radiation and afterward to re-strengthen the body. Using stone therapy and light acupressure can also act as a relief valve, redirecting excess energy to other meridians that are deficient of Chi.

Sonia’s philosophy goes deeper to embrace a wider perspective of the power of touch. Quality of touch and the loving energy of the person administering the treatment are essential to healing. There are many properties of the special therapeutic stones that are beneficial for pets suffering from cancer. Clearly they hold heat, invigorating blood circulation and Chi circulation which is the life energy of all meridians. These stones can have a positive, magnetic effect on the body with significant results.

The powerful transforming energies from the stones when combined with massage therapy impart natural antidotes to disorders and tonic distortions, healing the body at the deepest level.

Healing Stone Therapy provides pets and owners alike with the opportunity to use natural stones own healing qualities to find alternative solutions that modern day medicine does not provide.

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