When it comes to luxury, the use of stone in a bathroom is one of the latest styles.

What is the best stone to use for bathroom countertops, Manahawkin?

If you are new to using stone in your decor, this article will help you decide what you should use for your bathroom countertops, Toms River.

We will also go into using stone in other ways as well.

Latest trend

When it comes to bathroom countertops, the stone used should be able to withstand water, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, alcohol, and acetone-based products.

Some of the top choices are granite, marble, and cultured marble.

Granite is known as one of the prettiest natural stones. Every slab is a one-of-a-kind due to the different colors and the way it is formed.

Marble is another natural stone that is very popular. It has been used for centuries as a symbol of luxury. If sealed properly and regularly, marble is a remarkable stone for the bathroom.

Cultured Marble is a man-made marble, made from a blend of stone particles and held together by resin and pigments.

Among these, the best for your bathroom is granite, due to its natural water and scratch-resistant properties.

What color is hot?

Color is an important part of decorating and setting the tone for a room.

Some of the popular colors for bathrooms are blue, sand, black, gold, and monochrome.

If you have a large bathroom, dark blues like navy are among the top picks for most homes. Navy and darker blues make a bold statement and blends well with a nautical theme. The use of sand coloring in your granite countertop goes well with Mediterranean blue and white tiles — tying the bathroom together to look like a day at the beach.

Using a single monochromatic color throughout your bathroom, and accenting it with brass, gold, wood, or pewter is also a popular trend. The only color to avoid so your bathroom doesn’t become boring, in this case, is white.

A black bathroom gives off a luxurious vibe when combined with gold. Most stones lend perfectly to this theme. A solid black colored stone countertop can be hard to find, but black with gold streaks is very popular and will fit here perfectly.

Where to use

The latest trends see stone used in other places in the bathroom besides just the counters.

A stone floor makes a luxurious statement, though you will have to watch your feet in the mornings, since stone is great at projecting the coolness of the air.

Stone is also used on shower walls, ceilings, or as accent shelves for the tub. The most popular stones to use in the shower are marble and granite due to their water-resistant nature.

To avoid watermarks and keep your stone looking good in the shower, it is advised that you use a squeegee or other item to dry the stone after a shower.

When you decide to update your bathroom countertops Toms River, always choose the stone to match your personal needs.

To follow the latest trends in bathroom countertops Manahawkin, use your chosen stone to heighten the luxuriousness of the room with color, shape and style.

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