I would like to share with you some information about stomach cancer. Once again I will probably bring up things that are not normally talked about.

For now, I will not talk about what causes cancer, but try to explain how cancer works - and perhaps why it happens...

I would like to share with you a very unusual experiment that Dr. Hamer did many years ago in his quest to discover more about stomach cancer and to better understand what causes it.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer (German New Medicine) took 2 test tubes and put even pieces of meat and a fluid containing nutrients in each one.

Into test tube A, he added normal stomach digestive enzymes.

Into test tube B, he added stomach cancer cells and the same amount of normal stomach digestive enzymes. Then he held his breath and waited to see what would happen next…

The piece of meat in test tube A remained intact...

But the one in test tube B with stomach cancer cells quickly disintegrated and digested the meat.

These were very interesting results! What could this mean? It looked as though the stomach cancer increased the enzymatic efficiency by 300% to 1000% - the ability of the stomach to digest was increased enormously. Maybe this is the key to what causes cancer…

Next, I would like to tell you a true - and usual - story from nature. Let’s choose a wolf for our example.

Our wolf has successfully caught himself a rabbit. He was busy eating and had a whole leg in his mouth that he didn’t want to share! He was eating very quickly because other animals were trying to steal his food from him. He swallowed the leg whole and ended up with a large bone stuck in his stomach. This was much harder to digest than his usual food and despite repeated attempts, he wasn’t able to cough it up.

For thousands of years when an animal had a big piece of food stuck in the stomach, there was no outside help available to take it out. Nature had to create its own internal solution... Stomach cancer.

The stomach has sensors that let the brain know when it’s full, hungry, or thirsty and now, this stomach senses that there is something very hard to digest present. Furthermore it would be impossible for normal stomach digestive enzymes to digest it. If the stomach cannot find a solution, the wolf will eventually die from this condition.

Luckily, nature has a trick up its sleeve - stomach cancer. A ‘special program’ of nature will kick in and start the mutation of the normal stomach digestive cells and create stomach cancer cells. As we mentioned earlier, the test tube with stomach cancer cells seems to have had the capacity to increase digestion by 300% to 1000%, maybe enough to digest a bone?

As you probably know, digestion uses a lot of energy to “process” a meal. How do you feel after a big meal? Often sleepy. Stomach cancer uses a huge amount of energy and so the wolf feels very weak and tired, as well as sick. This wolf will hide and stay hidden away until he feels better; he has no energy left to do anything else. This period of time might last for a few days or even a week, but the wolf will not do anything else other than lie down and allow nature to take its course.

The good news for the wolf is that nobody is telling him, “You have an incurable disease called cancer.” Or in other words, “You are going to die soon - and painfully - and nothing you can do will change this.”

The only thing that the wolf feels is the need to hide and sleep. He feels very sick and he can’t move at all but he is not scared of dying or even aware of any ‘larger issue’. Sometimes such knowledge can make things much worse…

For humans, what causes cancer? It might be possible to make an educated guess, based on what we have learned, but Dr Hamer spent thousands of hours observing nature and carrying out his experiments. This wasn’t a momentary, impulsive conclusion...

This is what Dr Hamer found - and what has been confirmed successfully many times over.

He studied hundreds of stomach cancer patients and took detailed histories from them. He would ask: "What has happened to you in life that is ‘too hard to digest’"? What happened to you that you are unable to accept/digest? What is ‘stuck in your craw’- an old fashioned saying that means ‘stuck in the stomach and indigestible.

Because we are human “the bone in the stomach” is likely to be symbolic - an ‘indigestible act’ rather than a physical ‘bone’.

To answer this question, what causes cancer? Ask the person who has stomach cancer the questions above and explore their answers in depth. The mind is very powerful and reconnecting our logic to our instinct for survival can be difficult indeed - although some people seem able to make almost miraculous leaps of faith.

Remember; when the wolf’s cancer has finished digesting the bone, the cancer usually leaves as quickly as it came. The wolf might end up a bit skinnier but he will usually be totally recovered.

PS: If somebody tells you; “You have an incurable disease called cancer”, yet another serious complication is likely to take place. The conflict of diagnosis is serious in itself. Unfortunately, as I say, the mind is very powerful and complicates what causes cancer - but this is another story.

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