Technical Analysis alone cannot identify the initial primary trend and
thinks that the start of the Primary Bull Market is a bear rally. Conversely
the start of a Primary Bear Market is seen erroneously as a bull decline.
Stock Market Astrology sees these initial points in an intuitive flash ! It
is clear that Predictive Astrology can supplement Technical and Fundamental
Analysis !

We do not claim that all predictions of Stock Market Astrology will be cent
percent accurate. If it was so then astrologers would own half the world. We
can say that Probability for accuracy is 70% ! While Mundane Astrology gives
us the political map, Financial Astrology gives the economic picture of the
nation. Technical and Fundamental Analyses are good diagnostic tools in the
stock market. But they cannot attain perfection without Predictive
Astrology, which itself is another diagnostic tool !

Determination of Trends as per Dow Jones Theory

Let us analyse how Dow Jones determines trends.

"Successive rallies penetrating preceding high points with ensuing declines
terminating above preceding low points offer a bullish indication.
Conversely, failure of rallies to penetrate previous high points with
ensuing declines carrying below former low points is bearish. Inferences so
drawn are useful in appraising secondary reactions and are of major
importance in forecasting the resumption, continuation or change of the
primary trend. A rally or a decline is defined as one or more daily
movements resulting in a net reversal of direction exceeding three percent
of the prices of either average. Such movements have but little authority
unless confirmed in direction by both averages, but the confirmation need
not occur on the same day. " ( The ABC of Stock Speculation ).

What it means is that the Bear Phase is characterised by falling resistance
and support levels & Bull Phase vice versa !

Theoretically nice, but all this is very difficult to implement.

Intuition alone can identify trends

Determination of trends is the major factor for stock market success. We
find that there is confusion in applying the principles of Technical
Analysis. A crash of the market may be seen as a bull decline and the start
of a Primary Bull Market may appear as a bear rally. Again the duration of
the Bull Phase or a Bear Phase is not known to Technical Analysis.
The British philosopher Schelling defined Intuition as " that faculty of the
Absolute, which perceives the Absolute as the Absolute ". In other words,
Intuition alone can see Reality. Aurobindo averred that " behind the
phenomenal world is the Transcendent Reality which Intuition alone can see".
It was Intuition alone which revealed the Ultimate Reality to Aurobindo,
Ramana Maharshi & Sankara .

If Absolute Reality can be known by Intuition, why not stock market trends ?

Celestial causes for the rise of the Indian economy

Jupiter, the significator of finance, in India's lunar second, in the House
of Wealth can only mean an economic boom. Rising GDP growth ( as per CMIE
8.5 % ), rising agricultural growth ( 4.3%), rising forex reserves ( $ 276
billion ) and rising exports. Steel exports have risen to 47%, software 34%
and auto 34%. . It is true that one negative factor, Saturn in the 2nd
imports ) is detrimental to the Indian economy.

Dow Jones Theory is not Infallible

It is not an infallible system of beating the market and its successful use
requires serious study and the summing up of evidence must be impartial. The
wish must never be allowed to father the thought

There are slight complaints that our articles are too informative or too
intellectual. What we have done here is to acquaint ourselves with the Dow
Jones Theory, which are the collective research findings of Charles Dow,
Hamilton & Nelson and to incorporate Intuition, which alone can determine
trends ! Right information is crucial to success. Adam Smith, the father of
Economics remarked that " there is no substitute for information. The
market is not a roulette wheel. Good ideas and good research are an absolute
necessity in the market place ". We are one of the best researched dotcoms
in the world. Stay invested and we will warn you about the dangers ahead !

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