Conversational classes generate a sustained interest in the subject by sharpening the art of drawing parallels. Difficulty in predictability makes learning a source of excitement for the tutor and the learner. Online tutoring balances the flow experience and time by using technology to keep track of both.

Engaging in conversations with the tutor helps create an energizing class even if it is a one to one class. Conversational class is a form of learning where the lessons taught are the subject of discussion with a tinge of free format style to give it an informal flavour. However the lessons taught have to be discussed and the aims have to be met. Combining the two spheres of activities is a challenge because if there is some free format then predictability tends to be difficult. It is this difficulty in predictability that makes it interesting as well and is a source of excitement both for the tutor and for the student. In the distant past conversational learning was an important means of education as it left behind a deeper impact on students through which learning that took place would register more effectively.

The spirit of enquiry popular in the renaissance period is based on the notion that questioning what is taught and clarifying doubts through discussions is what will foster learning. That which is not examined is not learnt. Examination of lessons takes two forms. One is through the written medium and the other is through oral discussions. In the written medium there is no active feedback possible without the intervention of the tutor. In discussions and conversations this is possible. In fact in some countries in ancient times conversational learning was the norm and lessons taught were preserved purely through the oral tradition.

Even Mathematics can be discussed to increase interest in the subject by talking about Mathematicians and giving it a historical perspective. Interest is what will light up the aptitude and this can be achieved more easily through conversations. As it was thought that Mathematics is in some sense reducible to logic, parallels can be drawn with language to make Mathematics lively. This method is called teaching through analogy and is still an effective way of teaching Mathematical and Scientific thinking. In order to stimulate the flow of conversations parallels can be drawn wherever possible and to control the flow of the conversation the right amount of watchfulness can be maintained. The flow experience is useful because the attention will be drawn to the subject of conversation rather than the time that it would normally take. In online tutoring in one sense it is easier to balance the flow experience and the need to maintain time as technology can be used to keep track of both.

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