Not only are smokers being treated worse and worse in today’s society, but they are also being bilked out of exorbitant taxes! Further, we all know that there are health risks involved - particularly if you continue smoking for a long period of time. Your circulation, especially in the legs, will suffer. You’re also at risk of respiratory and heart problems. So, all of that being said, you can save yourself a ton of grief by getting through the transition to freedom, now.
The decision to stop smoking must be a deep one. You should concentrate not on the heebie-jeebies, you know, the feeling that you need to smoke; but rather, focus on the fact that you’re the ultimate winner and will never again have to be uncomfortable in some non-smoking environment, nervously waiting for your chance to partake. The subconscious is always trying to trick you into giving it that shot of feel-good that it has become accustomed to, so you are going to trick it instead. You are going to take control, be the boss for a change and push your decision downward into the unconscious mind itself.
Some of the thoughts that you might keep repeating to yourself include “There are no more cigarettes for you,” “You had enough of those,” “You had your time,” and finally, “It’s time to move on.” Of course everyone is free to compose their own mantras for success. And substitute “I” for “you” more and more as time passes. This is actually a component of Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) which essentially means talking to the subconscious in its own language.
Think of the money you will save! What will you do with it? Finally become debt-free, save up for some property or put a plasma TV in every bathroom! How about a nice vacation? When you quit smoking, you will deserve a reward because quitting smoking is known to be one of the most difficult things to do in this life! But you realize that many people do it all the time; so you can do it, too.
The reason that it is so hard to quit smoking is the subconscious mind’s clever, relentless resolve in getting what it wants. Knowing this, you will realize what is happening during those bouts with rationalization that will surely arise. “I can have just one” is a common con perpetrated by your inner, suffering self. Some people can smoke rarely. But those folks, like their smokes, are few and far between. You, on the other hand, will never pay good money for cigarettes- ever again. That’s the logic and it is how you are going to be victorious. It will be critical to get your inner self, the subconscious, to adopt a similar outlook on the subject.
If you are competitive by nature, and many of us are, consider quitting smoking along with a friend. It should not be too difficult to find someone who wants to quit smoking, given the stigma and other, real costs associated with the habit. Then, as you cheer each other on in your quest for freedom, you can also celebrate together when you get past the roughest part (heebie-jeebies). You will resist relapse with more gusto, using the fear of failure in a positive way for a change.
Finally, since we know that the evil subconscious is always listening, you can attack it stealthily via subliminal audio tracks! You can download a subliminal .mp3 file from Sprudio for $8.99 or even a silent one for only $10.99! And you can play the silent one anywhere no matter what other sounds are happening. Subliminal audio tracks can be custom-made; they can contain soothing ocean wave backgrounds, inspirational music, or again, no audible sound. The more you play it, the better your chances of affecting the change you want. Sure, it is possible to quit smoking without these tools. But the cost is so minimal that they are well worth a try.
You may choose a professional hypnotist. But that costs a lot more, and the hypnotist isn’t coming home with you. Everyone is different; however, we are all alike in this way- it is very hard to quit smoking. And once we decide, way down deep at the most basic level in us, that we are in fact a non-smoker, we can each be one.

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