Still In Love With Ex After 10 Years: Getting Back With An Ex After 10 Years

OK, you called it quitsville, packed your stuff, and moved out. You're living single and fancy-free, able to play the heavy metal at 11pm while you dance in your gym socks if you want to. Never been happier, right? Well, actually, wrong: You may be still in love with your ex.

You can tell simply by how much of your time you spend with your ex-partner still on your mind. Keep in mind that this is a function over time. If you were together for fifteen years, it's normal for those memories to come back to you, or your thoughts tend to turn to something associated with them. But after awhile, you should have moved on, unless you still have some feelings for them.

A sign that you're still in love with your ex is if you find yourself imagining a future with them. Unlike memories of the past, fantasies of the future indicate that you still want to be with them.

Don't think that just because you're angry or hurt, that this stops you from having feelings for your ex. You can still be in love with someone even if you're fighting with them, after all. And remember that the opposite of love is not hate; the opposite of love is indifference.

Also don't think that just because your ex acts differently towards you, that your feelings aren't shared. They might still want to be with you, but not know how to say so. Or they might want one part but not the other part - you made a great bed-warmer, but your radical attitude had to go. As the old Woody Allen joke about the man whose wife thought she was a chicken goes, they would take you to the doctor, but they need the eggs.

Feel free to communicate with your ex if there's still enough mutual tolerance in each of you to deal with each other. Even if you don't get back together, there is still such a thing as a friendly break-up. Facing feeling that you don't want to have is the toughest part. We don't want to be as vulnerable as we are. We want to be able to just dust off our heels and take off without any emotional strings attached. But humans aren't built that way. Learning to deal with your feelings and put them in perspective is what the game's all about.

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No matter what your situation whether you just got dumped, just found your partner cheating or even if you want your ex back after years of being apart, there is always a way to get your ex back.

Sure if you have been separated for a few years then it will be harder but not impossible to get your ex back. But if you have a good strategy then you will easily get your ex back into your arms.

The first thing to do if you want to get back with an ex husband or wife or even ex boyfriend or girlfriend after being apart for years is to think.

Think about how you first met, think about what made him or her fall for you. Think about the things that you enjoyed doing together. Think about where it went wrong and if you were at fault.

Now armed with this knowledge it's simple to get an ex back even after years. Just remember the reasons why your ex fell for you and try to recreate them. Also remember why you split up and change the things about yourself that played a part in the break up.

Getting back an ex after years will take longer than if you have just broken up but use your brain, have a think and go get your ex back.

One thing to remember is that your ex will be a little weary of you at first so take it slow, don't just expect to get back together overnight. You will have to prove yourself to your ex and show that you have changed and that you are genuine.

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It's a bitter sweet situation; You want your ex to come back, but not before they understand exactly what they put your through in the first place. You not only want to them to come back, but you want them to come crawling back on their hands and knees, begging to be accepted. Well, the techniques for something like that are different for men and women, so we'll cover both bases. As always, it is ladies first.

Show interest in his friend

Nothing will grab his attention more than you becoming interested in one of his friends. It doesn't have to lead to anything, and you don't want to mislead the friend too far. Do it just enough to let your ex know that he is not on your top priority anymore. Suddenly, he'll come running to your side trying to get him back into your priority list.

"Confide" in his family

Talk to his brother or sister about how you're not interested with their brother anymore. Make them promise not to mention it to him. You know what that means, right? They're going to go back and tell him everything. This plants false seeds in his head and forces him to find ways to get your attention again.

The silent treatment

Sometimes it isn't what you say; it's what you don't say that truly gets his attention. If he is doing everything in his power to get your attention and you're not responding, it leaves him wondering: Is it working? Should I do more? Should I do less? He'll be on his knees in no time trying to win you back.

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Give him serious competition

If he knows that there is someone else in your life, he'll immediately begin to compare himself. He'll be plagued by his own insecurities and he'll go out of his way to prove to you and himself that he's better then the new guy. Tell him you're serious about someone else, and watch the sparks fly. Guys, this part is for you.

Move on

This works on both ends. If she thinks you have moved on with your life, she'll start to wonder what this new girl has that she doesn't. She silently will compare herself, and then set out to show you that she can do more for you than this new girl. When she does, don't make it easy for her.

"Things are different now!"

If she tries to get your attention, just let her know that things aren't the way they used to be. If she feels like you're truly different, she'll do whatever she can to get the "old you" back.

Shed a tear

This one is a classic. One tear is all it takes to show them that they hurt you. She'll be so overcome by the fact that you care about her that much that you cried for her, but was manly enough to stop the tears after only one fell.

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However hopeless your situation seems right now, you have to believe that, with patience and determination, you can very definitely make your ex want you back again. The fact that your ex isn't talking to you right now doesn't really matter at all, this is only because your ex is hurt and angry, and these feelings will blow over very soon, trust me.

It is normal human nature to want things that we cannot have, so do this to your ex - be totally unavailable from now on. If your ex tries to call you, don't answer. If he/she sends you a text message or an email, don't reply. Stay completely out of the picture - for a while that is. Not having you around all the time will eventually make your ex want you back in a big way, I promise.

What you need now is some good old socialising. However, no-one wants to go out with someone who is filled with doom and gloom, so even if you aren't happy, come across like this, and you will be invited everywhere. Your friends will thinks it's really great that you have just gone through a break up, and can still hold your head up high!

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Not only will being with your friends a lot help you to become happy again, but it will also help you to heal inside after the break up as well. You will realize that your world hasn't ended just because your relationship has, so go out there and enjoy your life to the full.

You will be enjoying yourself, but at the back of your mind you will still be thinking about your ex - a lot. It is also very likely that you will start to worry whether you are doing the right thing or not - don't give up! Just hang in there, because you are so doing the right thing. Have patience - it WILL pay off in the end.

You will be showing such maturity, endurance, patience, and determination, that you will make your ex want you back - as quickly as possible too!

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