Call centers are highly reliable on call center software they use to run inbound, outbound or blended calling campaigns. The call center solution is a very big system and it comes with a lot of features. It is impossible for anyone to explain all features of the call center software in a single article. However, it is important to know about all possible features of this solution so the call centers can take maximum advantage of this system. In this article, you will learn about one of the leading features available in the call center software: Sticky Agent. It is one of the top features and available in advanced call center solutions only. Let's see why it is important and useful.

What is a Sticky Agent?

A call center solution comes with a wide variety of call routing rules. The call routing rule uses a predefined algorithm to route an incoming call to an agent. The Sticky Agent is one of the advanced call routing rules.

The Sticky Agent routes the call to the same agent to whom the customer had a conversation last time. In its pure form, it routes call to the same agent only. However, in some cases, if the same agent is not available and won't be available till the call gets disconnected, the call gets routed to another most skilled agent.

What are the benefits of the Sticky Agent?

As mentioned earlier, the call center solutions offer a wide variety of call routing rules then why should someone use this one. Let's see the top benefits of using Sticky Agent.

This rule always routes the call to the same agent. As this agent talks with the customer on a regular basis, he understands the psychology of that customer. He also knows his likes, dislikes and the way he can be satisfied. Thus, the Sticky Agent call routing rule helps in increasing customer satisfaction.

Let's understand this with an example. Assume there is a customer who always calls to ask about technical concerns. The agent who handles his call every time knows the common concerns faced by this customer. Also, he knows the customer with his personal details and preferences. Thus, when an agent sees an incoming call from this customer, he knows there will be some technical concern about the product he is using or recently purchased. The agent also knows how this customer likes to get addressed on the call. Thus, the agent can provide him a quick resolution of his concern within a minimum possible time. He also uses the right way to treat this customer. This delights the customer.

The quick query resolution also saves the time of the agent which can be used to handle the next call. Moreover, as agent closes calls with a maximum possible customer satisfaction, his morale gets boosted and so does his self-confidence. This helps in sharpening his skills and confidence so well that he can work with double productivity.

These are the top benefits of using Sticky Agent call routing rule. Based on the customers and business nature, the call center can gain many benefits.

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