According to Ayurveda the food that we consume should have a balance of all six tastes viz; Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent and Astringent. However in the case of diabetes, the sweet tasting food that a diabetic consumes should not be sweetened with sugar. This is because common sugar is Sucrose which is made of 2 molecules of glucose. Since Sugar is easily broken down and absorbed as glucose it causes sudden spikes in the blood sugar which the body is not equipped to handle. Consuming stevi0cal on a regular basis ensures that the balance is maintained.

As per Ayurveda presence of all six tastes in food is essential however when a diabetic avoids sugar altogether he/she faces uncontrollable cravings for sweet. If he/she gives up to even of these urges during which they are likely to consume large helpings of sweets, it will cause spike in blood sugar levels which are again undesirable. Use of Steviocal does not cause these spikes in blood suger also known as hyperglycaemia.

Thus a diabetic begins looking for alternatives for sweets/ sweetening substances, which leads them to artificial sweeteners or natural sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners according to latest research have a large number of harmful side effects. While natural substitutes to sugar are very few and have sucrose as a major component. One sweetener which has captured the imagination of the food industry in recent times is Stevia extract. Steviocal made from Stevia Extract is one such commercially available sweetener.

Since Stevia extract is not easily digested in the body has a clean sweet taste, it becomes the sweetener of choice for all diabetics and weight watchers (as it is a zero calorie sweetener with no side effects). Stevi0cal is one such product made from stevia extract which is Zero Calorie and is completely safe for all. Steviocal with its clean sweet taste is easily a product of choice for all.

Stevi0cal – Naturally Sweet is a Zero Calorie, Natural Sweetener made from the leaves of the plant Stevia rebaudiana. Stevia leaves have been used in South America for centuries to sweeten food and bitter drinks. Stevia leaves contain 2 glycosides – Stevioside and Rebaudioside which are extremely sweet and have zero calories, unlike sugar which is also sweet but has calories.

Of all the natural sugar substitutes, Stevia presents the best Sugar free sweetener case against artificial sweeteners. It is natural, and used by the Guaraní Indians as a natural sweetener for centuries. Second, over 200 extensive studies have been conducted on this herbal sweetener attesting to its safety, non-toxicity and ability in managing diabetes. So it is considered the best treatment for diabetes.

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Stevi0cal is the best Sugar free Sweetener, Herbal, Natural Sweetener India, which is a zero calorie Substitute to sugar and artificial is made from stevia extract of stevia leaves and is best diabetes diet.