It is common knowledge that the abuse of and addiction to drugs is a major problem in our country. Drug use is occurring at earlier ages, especially in our inner cities, but the problem exists across the country with complete disregard for where children live or how much money their parents make. With the family as the cornerstone of American society, each and every parent must accept the responsibility to teach children about the perils of drugs. These conversations should cover the negative effects of drugs in terms of the damage they can do to the body as well as the risk of potential death.

As a parent of four children, one of my many goals upon being elected to Congress will be my steady commitment to reducing drug use among teens. To pursue this goal we must ensure that jail time and zero tolerance is used as an effective deterrent to drug use. We must also support schools in developing drug testing programs so that problems can be dealt with in their early stages.

We must help those who problems with drugs. For those willing to accept that they have a problem and have the courage to admit that they need help, we should make drug treatment available.

Drug cartels and local kingpins have turned entire neighborhoods into drug infested war zones wreaking havoc for the innocents that live near their turf. It is time to take back these neighborhoods with coordinated efforts to clear these neighborhoods of the drugs which ruin the lives of many.

Parents want nothing more for their children than know that they are safe in their schools, their neighborhoods, and at home. It’s our responsibility to ensure that they have that peace of mind.

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Steve Daines is a fifth generation Montanan, and Vice President and General Manager of Asia-Pacific for Bozeman-based RightNow Technologies, is a candidate for Congress in Montana. Steve Daines Campaign