The reason I am running for Congress is that short sighted decisions being made in Washington are borrowing; some may say stealing, from the future of all of our children. Rampant spending and pork barrel politics is pushing this country down a road that will impoverish our children and the generations that follow if we don`t make a stand now.

My goal is to help facilitate the changes that need to be made in Washington to ensure that we can deliver a future full of opportunity to the generations that follow us. In order to accomplish this, we have to make a stand against the runaway deficit spending that has become part of daily life for our federal government.

This process starts by building a smarter government that is committed to living within its means. Where government can be made smaller, it should be. Where government can be made more efficient, we should pull out all the stops to make it that way. During my 26 years in the business world, I have run companies on a budget while reducing expenses and delivering high quality performance.

We must embrace these same principles in order to change how we spend money at the federal level. We can get started quickly by making a stand for fiscal responsibility and accountability in the budgetary process that is now weakening the country by skyrocketing our debt.

In order to preserve and grow the opportunities and the freedoms that the generations before us fought for so gallantly, we have to take a stand to change the way things are being done in Washington. That time is now.

Author's Bio: 

Steve Daines has been active in politics much of his life. He attended the 1984 GOP National Convention in Dallas as one of the youngest delegates for Ronald Reagan. Now Steve Daines is a Republican nominee for Congress in Montana.