Are you wondering what stercoral colitis is? Are you suffering from excessive constipation and somebody told you to look this up? Do you already know you have stercoral colitis and want to know how to have your condition cured? You are in luck, because here are several facts about stercoral colitis, its treatment, and its management. You will also know from this article how people with stercoral colitis are cured.

Stercoral Colitis

Stercoral colitis is a form of infection at the end of the large intestine. It can affect several other areas of the lower abdomen and can come with multiple other disorders. It can be accompanied by an infection of the inner areas of the intestines and other problems within the digestive system. Stercoral colitis rarely happens on its own. Patients who are found to have stercoral colitis are usually diagnosed with another disease, or groups of diseases. Some patients don't even get diagnosed with stercoral colitis until much later into the treatment of a different disease. Stercoral colitis can also worsen into more painful conditions.

The Cause

Its cause is a set of previous disorders in the abdomen and surrounding areas. People who ended up with stercoral colitis have had previous problems like an infection from H. pylori virus and, for women, problems during pregnancy. Prevention of stercoral colitis may include good hygiene and continuous diet and exercise for strengthening and cleansing the inner parts of the abdomen. Eating yogurt and fermented foods may prevent the infectious bacteria from gaining dominance in the abdomen. Take good care of your abdominal health and wellbeing if you have had previous abdominal conditions. Skipping a healthy habit for a week can be dangerous for you.

The Affected and Their Symptom

The elderly are the usual victims of this infection. People aged 50 to 79 are the most common recorded patients with stercoral colitis. It can also affect children, though. The usual symptom of stercoral colitis is excessive constipation. If you notice yourself having stomach problems too much, it may be caused by the consumption of an extremely bad food or the beginning of an abdominal disorder that most possibly includes stercoral colitis. Rush yourself to the hospital right away and have yourself checked by a doctor to know what is wrong with your abdomen.

Treatment #1

Stercoral colitis treatment has two forms. Curing stercoral colitis depends on which of the two forms the patient chooses: surgery or long medical treatment that requires a long hospital stay. Some forms of stercoral colitis are so severe that the patient doesn't have the option of an alternative treatment from surgery. People with severe stercoral colitis have to undergo surgery right away. The surgery for stercoral colitis is invasive and isn't free from side effects and complications. If you can still qualify for alternative treatments, choose them because undergoing surgery does not guarantee instant recovery from stercoral colitis and worse conditions.

Treatment #2+

The fastest treatment for stercoral colitis is surgery, but there are alternative treatments. Alternative treatments for stercoral colitis require a long hospital stay where the condition of the patient will be closely and constantly monitored. The patient will be made to undergo numerous treatments of the stercoral colitis and related disorders that may have been caused or have caused it. Careless procedures in treating stercoral colitis lead to the continuation of the infection and the development of worse conditions. Even though the hospital stay can be frustrating and the medicines they will give you can give side effects, it is a better alternative to surgery or suffering from a worsening stercoral colitis.


Stercoral colitis is a painful condition that results from several conditions and is hard to treat. Just remember one thing: if you find yourself having stercoral colitis, get treatment right away because the success of treatments for stercoral colitis is higher when the treatment is done early. Waiting and hiding from the hospital and its metal surgical equipment has a high possibility of having stercoral colitis develop several other problems that are much harder and more expensive to treat. Choose which one is more endurable: a hospital stay, or possible death? Despite being difficult and hard to treat, stercoral colitis is beatable when you make a quick response and proper treatment.

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