Starting your journey into the world of online trading is not much of a hassle nowadays as it was once. This is because people, as well as trading platforms, have started to understand that most of the factors that they used to consider while the registration of the accounts does not make much sense. Especially, a big name that has helped this change to become a reality is IQ Option.

IQ Options trading is one of the most well-known and world-renowned platforms used by millions of active users throughout the globe. The reason behind this popularity is just because of the fact that IQ option sign up is comparatively easier and quicker than most of the website out there. Thus, it becomes quite easy for even someone who is comparatively new to get into the industry without the requirement of much guidance.

This is why, in this article, we are going to make things even simpler by explaining all the interested users about the complete steps that one needs to make an IQ option Demo account. Also, we will be sharing the required steps that will be needed in order to convert the demo trading account into one that works on real money. So, let’s get started.

Steps for setting up IQ Option Demo Account

Step 1: Registering the Account

  • The very first thing is to register an account at either the official website of IQ option or IQ Option trading app which is available on both Android and iOS
  • Start by filling up the username, Email address and password as per your discretion, after that, click on the “open an Account for free” button
  • A confirmation mail will be sent to your email address, go there and click on the confirmation link to get registered.

Step 2: Catching up the risk Disclosure

  • Once the account is registered, the user needs to head back to the website or Mobile application. Here, they will see a Risk disclosure text
  • If you are a new user, then give it some time and get through with all the information that is provided in the pop-up box
  • After you are done reading the clause, click on “Start Trading” to move to the next step

Step 3: Starting up Demo Account

  • After a user has completed the registration procedure, the next thing that they are required to do is to set up the Demo account. It will help all the fresh traders to learn about the basics and will eventually lead to a great impact on their career prospects.
  • So, for this, once you have pressed the “start Trading” button and are in front of the account selection page, you’ll have to select the option of Demo Account
  • You will be given a choice to whether to start real money trading account or IQ Option Demo account. So, simply click on the latter

How to convert a demo account into Real money trading account?

It is quite obvious that after a while you will have to move on from IQ Options demo account to a real trading account. For this, all you have to do is to open the IQ option app on your Smartphone and click the tab on the top-right corner of the screen.

Once done, your account will be switched to real money trading account and all the profit, as well as loss, will be reflected back. So, make sure to switch only when you want to introduce such elements into your trade.

This is how you can set up a Demo Account on IQ Option. So, if you are new to trading and want to learn before investing your hard-earned money blatantly, then make sure to use both of the trading modes carefully.

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