Steps to Raising Healthy, Happy Children

June 10, 2016 By Julie Doherty (Edit)







I want to share with you my answer to this question I have been asked today:

What are some of the best things I could do for my children to help them be confident, joyful, empathetic human beings?

Raising Healthy Happy Children

#The Best Things you can do for your children is to firstly – lead by example:

#So to impart these things onto them is for you to be those things you have mentioned.

#Confidence is built by overcoming problems, learning to do things that previously we couldn’t do and by understanding that this is a lifelong process.

#Don’t do things for them that they can do for themselves.

#Encourage: Don’t put them down

#Don’t be afraid to tell them when something is wrong or they are being unfair to you.

#Rather than telling them not to do something, Empower them why to do things

#Don’t allow bad behaviour: Never Give in to unfair demands

#You are the teacher and they are the student: However there well maybe times when they will be your teacher and you will be there student.

#Keep learning how to be the Best Person you can Be: Building your life so as to give them a firm base to build their life from.

#NO BLAMING – Never to blame yourself or your spouse or your children or allow them to blame you for their mistakes. Identify the problem, who owns it. Then how you can best work through it.

#GUILT – Is only useful in the moment that we are off track, so recognize what you have done wrong. Apologize, learn and move on to more positive emotions.

#Faith and Belief – Both in your children and their abilities as well as your own.

#Forgiveness – Forgiving one another for mistakes, especially forgiveness of yourself and your parents

It is a #Lifelong process once you become a parent you are always a parent. It is learning and working through all the various stages. It is not about Winning, because you will never win as such with your kids. It is about giving them a strong, firm foundation for them to always come back to when they get off, track when beginning to build their lives.

You will make mistakes, just make sure that these aren’t lifetime mistakes that you don’t learn from and move forward from.

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