So, you are about to take your 1st Thai Massage... If so, then you must have a lot of questions in its regard.

Fortunately for you; this post will throw light on those key aspects that you need to keep in mind when opting for your 1st session!

On The Day Of The Massage:-

  • Look to consume something an hour before the massage begins. Best is to go for fresh fruits.
  • Don’t drink coffee or alcohol. Instead, opt for more tea or lots of water.
  • Also, be sure to perform some home stretching before you arrive for the massage. It will prepare your body for the session that follows.
  • Always look to wear comfortable clothes and flat footwear. If you are a woman- don’t forget to wrap the long hair.

At The Time Of Your Thai Massage:-

Generally speaking, Thai massages can get very intense. At times, they can be a tad painful and pleasurable at the same time. If you sense some pain in your muscles, then make it a point to inform the masseur to be wary of those areas.

  • Breathe properly by focussing on the masseur movements when the masseur stretches or presses your body. 
  • Most importantly, look to calm down and not think of anything. This will calm your nerves and body and make you feel more comfortable during the session.

After The Massage:

Most top-rated Thai massage specialists in Perth encourage you to consume matoom tea which is generally offered post a Thai massage.

After you reach home, take a nice bath with luke-warm water which helps your body to relax completely. 

To increase your comfort; you can add Epsom salt to the bath to reduce aches and pains from your muscles. The magnesium will get soaked into the skin, and the warm water will open up those blood vessels to increase circulation.

Another thing which you should look to do is eat. After a Thai massage, your circulation system and other body functions increase considerably. This includes the digestive system. You may also feel a bit light-headed after the massage, and for that, you will need to fuel your body with nutrients. 

So, after a proper Thai massage treatment; having a snack should definitely be on your cards. 

These are some tips which you should look to do if you decide to experience your 1st ever Thai massage treatment. Also, the key here is to pick the right massage centre for your session.

To Find One:-

  • You will need to check their customer ratings and whether they achieved their desired satisfaction level.
  • Check how many years have they been in this industry and also the experience level of their Thai masseurs.
  • Also, check is they have a state of the art facility to provide their Thai massage treatments.
  • Lastly, check their massage prices and if they adhere to the industry standard rates or not.

Use these details when sorting out a reliable centre for your massage therapy in Perth. It will guarantee full-value for your money.

Author's Bio: 

The author operates a popular massage therapy centre in Perth and has a dedicated team specialising in Deep tissue massage, remedial massage and even Thai massage in Perth.