Everybody likes taking benefits of a smooth functioning air conditioner. Does your air conditioner stop working frequently? Why not check the drain line?

Role Played by a Drain Line 

What is the role played by drain line in an air conditioner? It helps in moving out the condensation that gets developed with regular usage of evaporator coils. 

The drain line carries the moisture out of the house that is visible from the exterior of the home. How will you identify it? A drain line is a small and narrow pipe that has a slow drip of water. The water trickles down whenever the air conditioner is operating. 

What Results in Clogging of the Drain Line?

Typically, the drain line works fine. But regular usage may result in its clogging slowly. A clogged drain line may hinder the functionality of the aircon unit. Backing up of the drain line may result in triggering a sensor that will turn off the HVAC system.

For enabling normal functionality, the line needs to be neat and clean. Constant accumulation of dust along with dirt and lint may result in clogging of the drain line. A clogged drain line may fill up the drain pan. 

Constant leaking out of the water may cause potential damage to the entire unit of your aircon. 

How to Unclog a Blocked Drain?

A clogged drain must be fixed at the earliest. Too much delay may lead to high-level damage to the entire aircon unit. Prior to giving a call to a reliable service provider of aircon service in Blacktown, it is preferable to know the level of damage. Regular cleaning will no doubt, help in efficient running of your equipment. 

If the drain of your air conditioner is suffering from small blockage, then following are steps that must be performed:

  • Turning off the HVAC system followed by locating the cleaning point
  • Removing the cleaning port cap will help in assessing the clog.
  • If the blockage appears, then you must not think twice before attempting to lift the obstruction out of drain pipe. You may rinse the pipe with water. 
  • The cleaning solution must be poured slowly until the drain gets filled up. 

In case the cleaning solution does not flow out of the drain, the blockage is still intact. If it is mild, then it is manageable. Else, an expert AC service provider must be given a call. 

If the pipe drains slowly, then the solution must be let to pass without causing any difficulty.

Finally, the cleaning port cap must be replaced, followed by turning the system on.

Why Get Your Air Conditioner Installed by Experts?

If you are planning to get an air conditioner installed in your room, then it is better to get it done by experts. An expert ducted aircon installation in Prestons will also help in promoting the smooth functioning of the air conditioner unit. 

Along with installing the unit, the drain pipe will also be constructed efficiently. It will help in easy cleaning and maintenance.

Final Thought:

Fixing clogged drain of your air conditioner unit at an early stage will ensure smooth functioning of the entire unit. Along with giving a self trial, availing expert service will be the best pick.

Author's Bio: 

The author is working in a reputed firm that has gained high recognition for providing best ducted aircon installation in Prestons for years.