Choosing the right photo booth can be a challenge. But if you are based in Sydney and are searching for a suitable photo booth, take a look at these steps to determine if the booth will be able to meet all of your needs.

  • It should be insured

Hiring an insured photo booth is a must for your event. It will give you peace of mind. If, for instance, there happens to be any damage at the photo booth during its set up, you will need to pay additional charges. To avoid this problem always choose an event photo booth hire in Sydney that is insured. Generally, all the reputed companies providing services such as these have insurance.

  • Type of booth

Since there is a wide variety of booths that can be seen on the market, the photo booth company will always ask you about the type of photo booth that you wish to hire for your event. At present, in Sydney, as well as in many other places in Perth, various types of photo booths are trending such as the rockstar booth, the sports booth, etc. If the company does not ask you about the type of booth that you want, you can understand easily that they do not have the resources to manage custom parties. 

Though this is not a marker of a poor company as it might still be relying on the conventional booths, it is better to go for a company that understands customers’ needs and preferences and reshape themselves.

  • Photo prints

All booths give photo prints and some advertise ‘unlimited’ prints. But here is the catch. This ‘unlimited’ print of the guests’ photo is only applicable to group photos. Also, if that is the case, not all people will get photos. At max 2 out of the six people might get the prints. So, discuss the number of prints that the photo booth company will actually give to the guests.

  • Customizing photo strips

Photo strips are customized by the editors in the booths during the event. However, you need to look at one or two samples to see what they do. Since there will be several guests at the party and the photos in an event make a lasting impression, they must get the best thing. 

If you like their work samples, it’s good. But if you don’t, look for another event photo booth in Sydney because you don’t want to disappoint your guests. 

If the photo booth hiring company provides the option of selecting the designs according to the guests’ needs, that is even better and might be the right choice for your event.

  • What’s included?

Everybody knows that props will be included but you need to ask if there will be other things apart from the props. These include customized backgrounds, special lights to enhance the photos, optimized photos for social media, etc. 

So, by following these steps you will be able to choose the right event photo booth hire in Sydney to entertain the guests.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a company that provides an event photo booth in Sydney that follow the recent trends in the market.