For excavation work to go smoothly, a few preparatory steps are required and these are mostly taken care of by the excavators themselves. So, if you are in Shellharbour or Albion Park, and are planning excavation work for landscaping or construction purposes, talk to the company that is providing the services regarding the preparatory work.

So, let us see what you will need to do before the work can begin.

  1. Obtaining the clearance certificates

You will first need to know the clearance certificates required for the excavation work. For this, you can ask the local agencies or a reputed excavator in Shellharbour as they have the knowledge about the clearance certificates.

You will need to inform the local authorities about the full plan of excavation and which will include the removal of vegetation of surrounding areas and the type of work. The local authorities will analyse your plan and depending upon that will they issue the certificates.

Obtaining clearance certificates can take a little bit of time. So, it is best to apply for the certificates at least a few weeks before the commencement of the work.

  1. Setting up the foundation

For the foundation of excavation, you will need to meet the benchmark that has been set up by the local authorities. So, while applying, if you have any queries, ask them to clear your doubts and queries.

The foundation process requires centre lines to be set up around the walls. They will need to be marked by placing strings in wooden pegs at both ends.

The lines of the walls need to be marked with steel tapes and there should be a permanent row of pillars that has to be laid keeping a minimum distance from one another.

These pillars shall be laid out by the excavators in Albion Park at the junctions of each wall and should have a firm construction.

  1. Conducting a thorough land survey

Apart from the steps that we just mentioned, the excavators will need to conduct a thorough land survey before they can begin the excavation work.

In the survey, they will look for any water or power lines that are running below the ground because that will help in planning the excavation. Moreover, a survey is important to check the boundary of your land because it has been seen that an excavation work without proper survey is leading to disputes with the neighbours.

  1. Soil Testing

Along with the survey, testing the soil is extremely important because there are instances where the ground has collapsed causing injury to many. So, the excavators will inspect the soil in the first step, and depending on that they will begin their excavation.

  1. Planning safety

During excavation, there will be a wide variety of equipment that will be used and for this reason, the excavators will need to ensure total safety. For this reason, they will need to keep the emergency units ready. Furthermore, if the soil testing result shows fertile soil or a volatile area, the excavators will do the planning likewise.

So, these are a few ways in which a reputed excavator in Shellharbour will prepare, or help you in preparing the location for the excavation work.

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The author runs a company offering excavations in Albion Park and Shellharbour and also shares content providing useful tips related to drilling and construction.