Solar energy is the best alternative to the conventional source of energy and helps its user in saving more on electricity bill. Along with this, it is green, sustainable and affordable too. So, if you too want a better tomorrow, you should go solar. Now, the question is, “How to go Solar?” In this article, we’ll explain you the required steps to be followed.
1. Find a Solar Installation Company:
It’s the beginning of your solar journey to work for finding a good solar installation company that must have satisfactory experience in this domain. Either you can ask your neighbours or your near relatives who have already installed solar power system for their recommendation or browse online for more options. Strictly go through company’s policies, warranty offers, customer reviews, past experiences and service standards. Green 4 Life Energy is an Indian venture of Green 4 Life Energy OZ –an Australian solar company with an experience of 15 years.
Once you finalize the installer, work on finding out the quality and efficiency of solar panels, solar inverters or any other product or services that your installer recommends. Don’t forget to have a look on warranty and effective life span. Ask for quotes. Compare and choose one.

2. Call for an Energy Audit:
Keep in mind that you won’t get an exact price quotation at the first stage. Every home has a different layout, open sky clearance, sunlight grasping potential, orientation, nearby obstructions, and roofing material. It makes every quote a unique one. None of the reputable solar company will give you exact price. They prefer to send their representative to evaluate the site and present a customized plan for you. Green 4 Life energy sends its representative for energy audit for calculating your energy demand, potential of your rooftop and your probable future demand. On that basis, it will suggest the best solar energy system. It will also inform you about actual cost, total savings and other details related to your requirements.
Choose the best system: Out of available system viz. On-Grid/Grid-tied, Off-Grid or hybrid, choose the best suiting one. In On-Grid or Grid-tied system, solar power system is connected to local main electricity grid. During optimum production of solar electricity, your load can run on solar power. In case of any deficit, electricity will be drawn off from local electricity grid. In case of excess solar electricity production, it can be either stored in batteries or can be provided to local electric feed while OFF Grid or Grid alone system are favorable in case of the unavailability of any grid feed.
The energy difference can be measured from any of the two type of meter system
• Gross Metering: In this, entire energy generated from solar power system is feed to the utility grid and amount is measured. On basis of amount proportionate feed-incentives can be taken.
• Net Metering: In this, the energy difference of energy drawn off and feed into local grid is taken in account. In case of excessive feeding, monetary benefits can be achieved.
For more details about these categories, click here. Once you are sure with your type of system to be installed on basis of site and available resources, move on to the next step.

3. Choose Solar Panel Financing Options:
Once you’re done with type of solar power system and brands, your next job is to arrange for involved cost. Most of the newcomers presume that all the cost involved in going solar must be paid upfront. However, the real scenario is quite different. There are several payment options that can make your overall solar journey easy. Due to many market players and heavy competitions, companies are offering several schemes for making the process simple. For instance, Green 4 Life Energy offers no interest EMI options by which you can choose to pay for your solar panels or solar power system in monthly installments with no interest. You can also opt for OPEX model in which we take care of installation and maintenance of Solar PV System at your premise. All the incurred cost will be bear by us with mutual agreement that ensure your purchase of generated energy. Government subsidies can give you great benefits that we will discuss in next section.

4. Review government policies and subsidies:
Indian government have set a target of production of 100 GW of solar electricity. For which, it has announced various schemes to encourage homeowners. According to the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, the Central Government pays almost 30% of the benchmarked installation cost for rooftop PV systems for states that are in general categories like Rajasthan, Uttar-Pradesh, Bihar etc., up to 70% for the states in special category that includes Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and Lakshadweep. State government also provide additional subsidies. For detailed information, please click here. For knowing how you can save more, click here. Subsidies that are given by state nodal agencies vary from state to state.

5. Install the system:
After finalizing the solar energy system and its financing plan, it’s time for installation. Your installer will optimize the overall system design to produce the maximum output that will be reflected on your monthly electricity bill.
Green 4 Life Energy is a certified solar company and handles everything that are involved in your solar journey including application, permissions, dealing with utility company and other installation processes.
Installation process will take one or two working days. Our team will deliver your solar panels and installation equipments at your home, and install all mounting hardware, wiring, panels, and monitoring devices. We also send our team for regular monitoring and maintenance.

6. Inspection and Monitoring:
The last step is an inspection by the local electricity board’s representative. Once you get approval, you can start using the free sunlight for energy production. After moving to solar, keep a record and regularly monitor the performance using installed performance analyzer. Don’t forget to follow the operation and maintenance guidelines for maximum benefits.

See, how simple it is to go Solar. We are always there to help you.

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