Toxic Overload – The Binding of Chemical Compounds known as the “Silent Killer”
The Key is in Avoiding and Eliminating as much as Possible, these “Silent Killers”How this Chemical Bonding Effects YOU
Since world war 11, the reckless use of chemicals has brought about a deadly cocktail, that can be found in the water you drink, the food you eat, the products you use to clean yourself, your clothes and your homes.
It is the binding of these Chemical elements that compound, within your body, forming a bond connection, then to the formation of a reaction. This may begin with symptoms such as skin sensitivities, allergic responses such as Sinus, Hayfever and problems such as Asthma.
It is this Chemical Bonding Reaction that causes the Harmful effects within your body.
It disrupts Healthy Function of your Organs and Tissues by damaging and destroying in many cases healthy cellular function.
This then leads to organs and various tissues within your body not being able to function properly.
Understanding the Basics of Consumed Toxicity
For example, you have an intensively farmed apple, sprayed with pesticides, that has travelled thousands of miles to reach you; whereas an organic apple, is free from chemicals and locally grown. It’s not difficult to work out which option most people would choose, and therefore it’s easy to understand why the organic food sector has grown into a £1bn industry in the past few years. The allure of organic food, from the point of view of its perceived benefits to your health, is currently irresistible. After a decade or more of food scares, organic food seemingly offers a safe haven.
Organic food also offers promises being kinder to the environment than factory-farmed produce and claims to offer animals kinder living conditions. The majority of people admit that organic grown produce definitely tastes better.
If you are purchasing produce that has been packaged overseas you cannot be completely sure of the safety of this food and the standards put into place. I highly recommend that you purchase only Australian produce that is locally produced and manufactured therefore you know that the standards are high.
Medication: Drugs both legal and illegal, even though not classed in the food industry are another major concern when it comes to the addition of this “deadly cocktail” of chemicals your body is constantly being contaminated with, along with the excessive drinking of alcohol and cigarette smoking.
Why Chemical Overload is a Major Cause of Obesity
Pesticides, chemicals, additives and preservatives otherwise known as toxins are recognized as poisons by the body so therefore these toxins and chemicals are stored within the fat cells leading to difficulty with weight loss.
Carbonates sprayed on grain for feed slows down metabolism for the live stock to gain weight, therefore when these products are consumed by humans they have the same effect. Catecholamine’s a valuable group of slimming hormones produced by the body, seem to come under frequent attack by these chemicals, which interferes with the metabolic process and inhibits our body’s own natural slimming systems.
The best way to protect ourselves from these harmful chemicals is to replace as much of our food, skin care, cosmetics and household products with certified organic products that do not contain toxic synthetic chemicals. Then to combine this with an effective detoxification program, this is best supported by visiting a Naturopathic Health care professional. Research has proven that the highest levels of “slimming nutrients are found in organically grown produce.
What You Can Do!
 It is of vitally important if you are working toward achieving optimal health that you, eliminate a large percentage of these chemicals and toxic substances from your daily life.
Five Steps to Start with:
Purchase – Skin, Hair and Body Care products that are chemical and toxin free. Don’t be fooled by high end brands, these can be some of the biggest culprits when it comes to the use of harmful chemicals in their products. Often these products are found in Day Spas and Department stores. A great book to read to help in this area is – “Don’t go to the Cosmetic Counter without me”  
Avoid purchasing processed foods, canned and packaged foods: especially if from overseas companies as they are still using very toxic chemicals in processing and farming methods.
Use Organic and Chemically Free Cleaning Products: Two products that can be used in the home for cleaning the house to washing your clothes are bicarb and general, household vinegar. There are also many natural and chemical free products now available on your supermarket shelf, just check the labels and the ingredients. 
Food and Drink: Avoiding as mentioned processed, packaged foods and fast foods, replacing these with fresh fruit, vegetables organic meat and chicken is a major step in eliminating many harmful chemicals that you are likely to ingest. Drink filtered water, organic teas or coffee and avoid soft drinks including processed fruit juices. This will aid liver, lymph and kidney function – Your major organs of  detoxification, you will be decreasing the risks of Cancer, Kidney disease and Liver disease
Bathing: Once or twice a week, run yourself a bubble bath (with an organic body wash for the bubbles), 1/2 cup of Epsom salts, 1/2 cup of Sea Salt (restores minerals back into your body), 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 2 drops of your favourite essential oil. Your body is your largest organ of elimination, this is why bathing is an important process with supporting healthy detoxification.
Principles of Detoxification
The word “detox” is another word used for “spring cleaning” your body. You will look, feel and be: More energetic, Sick less often and Happier.
It is important with the increasing amount of chemicals, pesticides, artificial preservatives and additives being added to your daily living, that every couple of months for a minimum of 7 days to adhere to a strict regime of eating just organic vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. Drinking only filtered water and herbal teas.
Many detox eating plans and supplements can involve some drastic changes to your usual eating plans. This can lead to you being quite sick, suffering from headaches/migraines, especially if you go from a pretty toxic diet/lifestyle. It is best in this case to gradually begin to eliminate harmful foods and drink, replacing these with fresh foods and slowly decreasing habits such as alcohol, smoking etc. It will be beneficial to you to get additional support in giving up harmful habits such as health coaching or counselling.
Australian Organic Products are an online store that provide all of your organic needs.
Getting More Specific
Gently Ease Yourself into Changing Habits
Becoming Well and Living of Life of Optimal Health Free from Disease is all about implementing positive life choices and changing habits.
The more efficient your health routine is the less often you will need to detox. As well as the less side effects or healing crisis you will have to deal with.
So if you are serious about taking control of your health first begin with the weekend detox then work your way through to additional days taking it up to a week to a fortnight routine.
So it is the beginning of the weekend, rather than going out for the Friday night out with the girls or the boys or both, decide that it would be absolutely wonderful to take yourself home to a wonderful salad & chicken or tuna dinner and a wonderful bubble bath.
Simple tips for Detoxing:
#Eat organic food as much as possible.
# Wash all fruit and vegetables in a solution of 1 cup vinegar to a sink of water.
#Use certified organic skin care and personal care products.
# Use certified organic household cleansers.
#Do not smoke find a healthy alternative to stress relief, join a gym, go for a run, play golf, tennis, learn to dance and avoid passive smoking.
#Reduction or total avoidance of drugs and medication including aspirin, paracetamol and the contraceptive pill
#reduce alcohol intake to 2 – 3 x week only drinking wine or beer and if possible avoid alcohol intake altogether.
Detoxification is the Key to Healthy Weight Management
By putting into place a lifestyle of eating healthy fresh foods, along with exercise will give your body all the support to successful detox on a daily basis.
Detoxification is vitally important not just for healthy weight management, also for your health and vitality. It is about removal of toxic and poisonous chemicals from your body that are going to cause harm if left there. Where the weight side of it comes in, is that as a protective mechanism, when your body begins to get an overload of toxic substances it will store it in your fat cells. By this happening then your body then becomes unable to break down the fat. With this toxic overload within your fat cells the body begins to store more fat for extra safe storage for the toxins that are accumulating.
Lettuce, tomatoes, red & green peppers, onions, garlic, avocado, lemon juice, sweet potato, wholegrain bread, rice and pasta, beans & pulses, nuts and seeds – these include almonds, walnuts and brazil nuts. Other vegetables include artichokes, beetroot, herbs include dandelion, liquorice and milk thistle.
Additional foods that act as detox superfoods are:- #Chlorella which contains a high level of chlorophyll and is a powerful antioxidant, blood tonic and cleanser.
#Aloe Vera helps maintain the balance of the digestive tract, aiding digestion and easing irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.
#Psyllium husks – the seeds of plantain these include linseed which is fibre-rich seeds good for cleansing the colon. These can be added to cereal or included in a glass of juice.
The other secret is to drink plenty of filtered water this is to be about 500ml per hour, plus between meals include green tea and dandelion tea drinks. This will help prevent headaches.
Ensure that it is a weekend when you have no official plans, make a date with you (the most important person in your life) to read, sleep and relax.
Your Detoxification Eating Plan
On Rising: Have a warm glass of water with a half of a lemon squeezed into it. Then clean your teeth.
Breakfast: – A selection of fresh fruits such as apples, mangoes, pineapple, strawberries, and kiwi fruit uses at least three of these with yogurt. These could be placed in a blender as a smoothie, include a cup of green tea.
Mid-morning: – Four to five water crackers with tomato, homous, tzakiti dip, or mushrooms, or your fruit and yogurt if you have not had it for breakfast.
Lunch: – Chicken breast, or tuna or salmon and a salad consisting of lettuce, grated carrot, tomato, cucumber, asparagus, mushrooms, alfalfa, avocado… Salad dressing – 1 tblespn Safflower oil, or linseed oil mix with 1 tblespn Apple cider vinegar
Mid-afternoon: – A handful of almonds or a tub of Soya yogurt, or Vaalia vanilla yogurt or Greek yogurt, there is also sheep and goats yogurt available with some fruit. 1 – Glass of pineapple juice.
Dinner: – Lean lamb and vegetables, Home-made vegetable and legume soup, chicken breast fillet and vegetables or salad, Chinese stir-fry with tofu. At least four to five different vegetables should be eaten at each meal such as beans, carrots, pumpkin, squash, eggplant, zucchini, swede, turnips, parsnips, spinach, broccoli which can be steamed, stir-fry with olive oil or baked spraying pan with olive oil.
A cup of green tea
Dessert: – Fresh fruit salad, Dried fruit and nuts, yogurt and muesli sweetened with honey.
Before Bed & include with Breakfast: In a glass include 1 tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon of honey, and a teaspoon of flaxseed or safflower oil, then fill glass with warm water and slowly sip.
At least two –two and a half litres of water per day needs to be drunk.
Foods to avoid: – Caffeinated drinks which includes tea and coffee, salt, alcohol, artificial colours and flavours, soft drinks, tobacco, take-away food, no margarine or fats, (only extra virgin olive oil, safflower or grapeseed oil is to be used), and any sweets or chocolate.
Natural seasonings: – such as garlic, herbs, onion, lemon, oranges, vinegar, basal, coriander, mint, parsley can be used.
Smoothies – An Easy Support for Great Health: Digestion can be greatly improved by including a smoothie into your daily diet. It will support a healthy colon and provide healthy bowel movements, protecting you against bowel cancer. Smoothies are generally made up from fruits such as berries, bananas, mangoes, kiwi fruit, sometimes including apple and carrot. By adding yogurt to this blend you will also improve your gut bacteria otherwise known as your gut microbiome. Slippery elm and citrus peel help to restore healthy aid movement throughout your digestive process.
Vegetable juices to assist detoxification 
Making fresh vegetable juices is beneficial to any detox plan. A larger proportion of the vitamins and minerals can be absorbed by the body when they have been juiced because the fibre has been removed.
Carrots are rich in beta carotene (produces vitamin A, an important antioxidant).
Apples especially red, organic apples are rich in vitamin C (for the immune system).
Ginger is thought to stimulate gastric juices and digestion; it is also good for circulation.
Kale is rich in antioxidants, it has inflammatory properties, high in iron and vitamin K
Garlic supports healthy bacterial and microbial activity whilst supporting a healthy immune system
Quick Cleansing juice: 3 – 4 organic carrots, 1 – red apple, 1/2  beetroot chopped, 1 cup of kale or spinach, 1 teaspoon of grated fresh ginger and 1 teaspoon of chopped fresh garlic
Organic Fruit and Vegetables are much more readily available now than they ever have been from Farmers markets, online check out your local fruit and vegetable stores. If you are not always able to purchase organic then you must ensure that you wash your fruit and vegetable thoroughly, I even recommend this for organic produce anyway. The best method is to add a cup of plain vinegar to a sink of cold water wash your fruit and vegetables then rinse.
The Use of Chemical Laden Products on Your Skin – Will cause Damage to Your Health
Danger to your Health: The use Skin & Hair Care, Face & Body Crèmes, Deodorants, Perfumes & Sprays. Not to mention many supposed beauty treatments that are actually “HARMFUL” these include: keratin treatments, Botox, collagen injections, spray tans or applied tanning crèmes, eyelash extensions, gel nails, permanent and temporary tattoos and laser treatments don’t go without “Danger to your Health”.
What so Important about your Skin
Your skin is the body’s largest organ. Enclosing your entire body, your skin cushions and protects your internal organs and plays a vital role in temperature regulation by guarding the body against extremes of temperature – producing sweat to cool your body when it is too hot and retaining heat when external temperatures drop.
Your skin is also the body’s first line of defence from infection, bacteria and potentially harmful toxins.
Your skin is the largest organ of elimination and also the largest of absorption: So what happens when these potentially harmful toxins are used on your skin, hair and nails whether it be for cleansing, healing of skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, moisturizing or providing treatments that will supposedly prevent premature aging or remove scarring or wrinkles. More often than not you are going to end up a hell of a lot worse. Even if at the time you may not notice any significant detriment to your health or body, over time the damage of these chemicals and procedures will certainly become apparent in the forms of diseases such as cancer.
There is both good and bad news with your skin being the largest organ of absorption.
The Good News is that because it means your skin can be nourished both externally and internally with the foods you eat and the products you use.
The Bad News is, in as much as with some skin care products and topical applications, manufacturers are able to use harmful ingredients that would never be allowed to be taken orally, but are still absorbed into your system, through your skin, going directly into your bloodstream, having a far more devastating effect than even if they were to be taken orally. Having 40 times more of a toxic effect.
With a large percentage of these chemicals they are known carcinogens (cancer forming agents), by moving straight into your blood stream, they begin to attack your line of efficiency of nutrition, your first line of defence your lymphatic system.
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Your Protection
Regulations on the use of toxins in cosmetics – Almost any ingredient may be allowed in cosmetics and perfumes……with the exception of colour additives and a few prohibited ingredients, a cosmetic manufacturer may, on his own responsibility, use essentially any raw material as a cosmetic ingredient and market the product without approval.
Just a few of the toxins still being used in cosmetics today: – Mercury mainly limited to eye area cosmetics. Mercury compounds are readily absorbed through the skin on topical application and have a tendency to accumulate in the body. They may cause allergic reactions, skin irritation or neurotoxic manifestations”. Nitrosamines – “Cosmetics containing as ingredients amines or amino derivatives, particularly di – or triethanolamine, may form nitrosamines. Nitrosamines have been determined to cause cancer. Amines and their derivatives are mostly present in creams, cream lotions, hair shampoos and cream hair conditioners. Dioxane –These are mainly used as surface agents in detergents, foaming agents, emulsifiers and certain solvents identifiable by the prefix, word or syllable “PEG” Polyethylene, Polyethylene glycol, Polyoxyethylene may be contaminated with 1,4 dioxane.
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