A dissertation is a document submitted by a student with his research and finding to obtain a doctorate or professional qualification. A common difficulty faced by research students is mainly being uncertain of what to include in their dissertation paper or to organize the presentation of the dissertation.

To overcome the above intricacies, the student resort to the guidance of a dissertation guide. The guide steps in only after the student has chosen the topic. Many students find it difficult to find a suitable topic, reading drafts and proof reading the final draft. There are times when students have lost valuable time doing research, later to find the data redundant. The guide helps the student in organizing the project during the initial phase, finding sources of research data, recommending on the viability of the project plan and finally approving the dissertation proposal.

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Step 1 - Dissertation Planning

Planning the dissertation involves choosing a topic that is novel and apt and relevant. Since you are aware of the requirement of research paper submission at the end of the term from the beginning of the course, you need to keep your thoughts open to new ideas and choose a viable topic that will not become obsolete by the end of the dissertation. The understanding of topic at the planning stage will also help in identifying sources of information and data for hypothesis which further helps in understanding the timelines that needs to be set for procuring research data. There are some universities who want research paper to be submitted in a customized format which needs to found out in the beginning to plan on writing style.

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Step 2 - Research Help

Your project aims at bridging knowledge gap which is legitimate to make your research meaningful and unique. The knowledge gap has to be critical enough to justify the research to the panel of advisers. The student can identify such knowledge gaps by trying to learn about any unusual terms and concepts he comes across in classes.

The source of secondary research data of the students could be libraries, books, journals, newspapers, publications, internet etc. The student needs to ensure that he procures facts and figures from reliable Government and academic data sources. The task of finding information is not difficult. The confusing part is how to identify what information is to be included in the research and the source for the same. The research at this stage is important to prove that your topic is unique and there is a necessity to throw light on the identified knowledge gap.

Step 3 -Proposal Preparation

The proposal needs to be completed before starting the actual research work. A dissertation proposal will certainly be approved if the student has done extensive reading on all available material on the topic. Getting approval of the dissertation proposal before beginning the actual research will help the student in channelizing his efforts in the correct direction. During the research if the student deviates from the proposal, he needs to keep the adviser informed.

The proposal must include the background to the research, questions that arose making research necessary, the data collected and what more information needs to be collected to complete the research with a plan of action of how to collect the same.

Step 4 - Scheduling Dissertation Work

Once the proposal is approved, the next step will be to plan the work. It is impossible to sit down and finish writing in one go. The structure needs to be understood and then the order in which it should be written needs to be planned. This will help in setting deadlines for the various stages of completing the research. For example, the student needs to completely study the topic and get approval of the topic before starting primary research. Therefore scheduling the work helps in smooth transition from one stage to another.

Step 5 - Literature Review

The literature review is done with the purpose to convey to the reader all facts that has been written about your topic by other researchers. It helps in expanding the understanding of the student on the topic and in blending the results into a summary of all known facts on the topic thereby establishing the fact that a knowledge gap does exist on the topic which needs to be studied. This further justifies the research and also helps in identifying additional aspects that could be covered during research.

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Step 6 - Dissertation Methodology

The aspects to be covered in the methods section are objective of the study, the selection approach (whether experimental, correlative, quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods), use of pilot study in various methods of data collection, list of participants, the pattern of data processing and analysis and proof of data validity.

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As per order of stages, this step precedes results section. Since this section includes the methods used to arrive at reported results, in practice, it is advisable to write the methods section after results section to ensure all methods used have been included.

Step 7 - Dissertation Research

This stage is related to the previous steps and helps in accumulating primary research data. You will need to be flexible to evaluate all aspects of the research topic in terms of theory and methods.

Organizing the research data collection will help in using the data effectively and arriving at logical conclusion. The articles and books of topics need to be separated sub discipline wise into files/folders that will be easy to be used later at the time of writing actual research. Make clear and concise notes on the inside of files to give the content of the file at a glance. When you use soft copy system of storing research material, ensure they are stored in the computer in nested folders. Also, creating a file with list of all articles, book and webpages found by you on various topics is helpful. The list must contain date, author's name, publisher's information, name of chapter in the book, location of the file on the computer or filing system etc.

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Step 8 - Presenting Results & Discussion

This is the most critical stage since if not presented in an impressive manner,the significant facts of the dissertation findings cannot be conveyed to the marker. The results and discussion section gives a summary of the collected data and the result of the research. The discussion must refer to your hypothesis, objectives and questions. The student can present the data in the form of graphs and charts to establish better understanding of the facts.

Step 9 - Conclusions and Recommendations

You will need to explain in detail how the major results helped in fulfilling the goal of the research along with recommendations for further research or study. The coursework writing services from our learned assignment writers are available to help you in concluding with meaningful recommendations.

Step 10 - Revision and Editing

Now that you have completed the initial draft, its ready for editing and proof reading. Its important to check for grammatical and sentence construction errors, vague terminology and logical sequencing of the whole paper.

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Converting the document into PDF, spacing between lines, footnotes, and appendices, margins, numbering of pages, page formatting rules etc as few important aspects to be kept in mind during the dissertation review.

After approval of proposal itself, the student have to decide with the adviser how often he wants to review your progress and provide feedback on the same.The student needs to be in constant interaction with your adviser once the initial draft has been resent for initial review. This gives you sufficient time to make changes to the same on the basis of their suggestions and submit the final draft before deadline.

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