A star gift package is actually considered as one of the most unique and heartfelt gifts someone can give or receive. This could be the perfect gift for your loved ones especially on your special days. This may sound dreamy and expensive but naming a star actually has a very simple process as well as having an affordable price. Below are the steps on how to buy a star dedicated for yourself or for your loved ones.

1.) The first step in buying and naming a star is choosing the right website to register your star. There are a lot of online sites that offer various gift packages for people who wish to buy and name a star. But since these certificates are not officially recognized by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), you are advised to choose only the legitimate ones to avoid issues and violations.

2.) After choosing your partner, you will be offered various packages. The usual offers are:
• Standard Package – If you select this offer, the package team will pick a random star based on the brightness you have chosen.
• Zodiac Package – In this package, you will receive similar features with the Standard Package with an additional perk of choosing a constellation you desire. The package team will now select a star based on the constellation and brightness you’ve chosen.
• Binary Star Package – Binary stars are very suitable for couples since these two stars are very close together circling each other. These stars are very visible to the naked eye thus you can easily locate them in the night sky.

3.) Once you already have picked a package suitable for your needs and budget, you can also personalize it. You can either:
• Choose a name of the star which can either be the name of your girlfriend/boyfriend, parents, siblings, best friend, or anyone you love.
• Customize a design depending on the occasion or event of your choice.
• You can also produce several copies of the gift if you intend to give this to multiple people.
• If you want to add an extra value to the gift, you can choose a specific constellation so that you or your recipient can easily locate your star.
• You can also add a fitting frame to the certificate for more convenience.
• A personal and heartfelt message or dedication is also a great way to increase the sentimental value of your gift package.
• You can as well select a type of delivery by your choice. You can either have a printed copy and deliver it directly to you or your recipient’s house which may take a several time or choose a digital version that will be delivered within 24 hours thru email delivery.

4.) After setting up your package, you now have to finish the process. Each website is offering variety of payment options in order for you to choose which is the most convenient way to checkout your order. And once you’re finished purchasing, the only thing left is for you to wait for the gift package to be delivered.

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There are a lot of online sites that offer various gift packages for people who wish to buy and name a star.