When it comes to cleaning windows, the professionals at times use pressure cleaning if they are too shabby and dirty. But then, the tactics of cleaning windows by using pressure cleaning are not the same as cleaning hard surfaces. 

It may be the most effective and the fastest way of cleaning, but when the right methods are not followed, pressure cleaning may very well damage the windows that are surely more flimsy than the driveways and floors.

Here on this page, we discuss the steps that the professional window cleaning service providers in Beecroft or any other place will follow. 

Checking the Windows: 

The first and foremost thing that the professionals look at is the condition of the windows. Since power washing involves the application of water in great force, an old window, instead of being washed will give in. Thus, if the windows are old or need repair, the professional will postpone pressure washing and follow other methods. 

Adjusting the Pressure: 

Before commencing with the pressure cleaning, the pros will adjust the pressure of the tool and set it at the lowest level. The pressure needed to clean up windows will be much lesser than the pressure that is needed to clean a driveway or a garage floor. Thus, the professional window cleaning experts in Pymble will ensure that the pressure level set will not inflict any damage to the window panes or the frame or to any other part of the windows.

Adding soap with the soaping tip 

In case the professional is looking forward to adding some additives to the washing liquid, they may add quality multi-soaps which are specifically manufactured to be used in power washers. However, when it comes to using the soap, they would use it in accordance with the material the window frame is made up of. This is to make sure that the soap used is not detrimental to the material

Applying the soap using a power washer 

For applying the soap with the use of the washer, the professionals would turn on the washer and then turn on the wand. For removing all the filth and the dirt from the sill, trim and the pane of the windows, the pros would aim the washer at an angle of 45 degrees from a fair distance, so much so that the force of the water does not damage the windows. 

They would maintain that distance throughout the cleaning sessions, only varying it in accordance with the pressure as it is increased and decreased, taking into account the extent of filth and dirt. While spraying the window cleaning professionals of Eastern Suburbs would maintain a pattern that is horizontal with the house as otherwise, spraying in an upward pattern will make the water and all the dirt get into the other side of the window, through the sidings or the window sills. They would start from the window edges and work towards the centre. 


This is the final step after the washing has been done. Once they are done with, the pros will turn the washer off, and then change the tip of the want to a general use tip. Now to remove the soap effectively, they hold the tip at a 40-degree angle and spray fresh, clear water, which is then promptly wiped off using cotton clothes, so that the drying water does not leave fresh marks of water on the panes. 

Author's Bio: 

The author owns a company that does windows cleaning in Beecroft, Pymble, Eastern Suburbs along with other cleaning jobs. The author is also a regular blogger.