Greedy UK consultant agency looting students with unnecessary elaborate UK immigration processes leading to waste of time, money and efforts is an extremely common phenomenon. Thus to simplify the process of UK immigration for ambitious students and in simple steps explain the process of student immigration, here is a blog post by Career Craft Consultants.
Career Craft Consultants is a leading study abroad consultant in Vadodara, India particularly recognized for their authentic services at competitive pricing. In this blog post, Career Craft Consultants in simple steps explain the process of UK immigration for students:
Choose course and institute:
There many reputed higher education institutes and colleges offering different kinds of courses. Choose a course based on your education qualification and with guidance of Career Craft Consultants – the best study in UK consultancy in Vadodara, India. Apply to multiple institutes for a safe admission process.
Clear English Proficiency Test:
Clear the English proficiency test (IELTS) for UK immigration process. IELTS training is offered by Career Crafts Consultant. Often students fail to score good in the IELTS exam in the first go and need a second attempt.
Get study permit for UK:
You can get a study permit for UK online or by visiting your nearest visa center. Application of UK school, acceptance letter of UK school, passport, address proof, fund proof and parent identity proof are documents required at this stage.
There might be an interview of the student applying for UK at this step. Career Craft Consultants helps students to prepare for this interview as well.
Travel to UK:
On receiving study permit, students may travel to UK based on their course commencement date. Students must buy a ticket after the date mentioned on their study permit. If the date on study permit is prior to the date of travel, students aren’t allowed to enter UK.
Interview on arriving at UK:
Students are interviewed in UK by the immigration officer who also cross checks all documents that the student carries.
The most common question we receive is, why undergo this long process to study in UK? The answer is simple, international students who graduate from UK are made new permanent Canadian residents by the government.
To apply for UK immigration as a student and complete it flawlessly in one go, do connect with Career Crafts Consultant – the best overseas consultancy in Vadodara. They are now successfully conducting study without IELTS in UK.

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