Losing weight is a broad topic and it is one of the most searched items. There are very many people really trying to lose weight. This is even harder when trying to lose it on your own. There are many ways of losing weight such as exercising, dieting, change of lifestyle, etc. The major
contributor of weight gain is the kind of lifestyle people lead. Trying to research on your own is quite helpful but is very important to engage the services of a nutritionist.

When getting the right board certified nutritionist for you, there are steps that need to be followed in order to get the optimum health and weight loss. The major steps of losing weight with a nutritionist are;

1. Make up your mind on the type of nutritionist you want to meet. Basically, there are three types of nutritionists. I.e. registered dietician, degreed nutritionists or certified clinical nutritionists. For the first two, all that one needs is to have a degree in nutrition but for the certified nutritionists, they undergo classes and pass some tests without necessarily having to possess a degree in nutrition. The right nutritionist for you will depend with your personal

2. Take a record of what you eat at least for three days. With this record a nutritionist will be able to give the right guidance. It is thus important to be as honest as possible to your dietician otherwise it may be quite hard for you to get any help. Also while recording, it is important to note the exact time that you took the meals. This is what will be used for the dieticians to educate you more on some of the foods you are eating and what may need to be added in your diet so that it can facilitate weight loss.

3. Ask your nutritionist for a meal plan; from the record that you submit to your nutritionist, he/she will be able to recommend some foods. It is therefore advisable that you should ask for a meal plan, i.e. grocery lists and recipes. As a professional, the nutritionist will have several resources to help you with weight loss. It is also important to note that you need not assume that he will plan out all your meals for you, but you should request for one. Follow all the recommendations from your nutritionists and be patient. Weight loss is a slow but steady process.

4. Ensure you do some exercises on daily basis; you may be eating so well but lack of exercise can be a very big hindrance in the weight loss process. Exercise is very important in burning calories by increasing your metabolism. You should therefore find an activity that interests you.

By following the above steps, you can rest assured you will realize your weight loss goal much faster.

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Karen Cole is freelance writer in field of Technology and Health. She loves to share her knowledge with others.