To build an iOS application with latest features and functionality, developers need to get familiar with the Swift programming. It is the modern iOS application coding language and platform designed by Apple itself. Swift is intuitive and powerful, its syntax is expressive and concise. Swift language is so user-friendly so that beginners can start learning it right from iPad. Following are the essential steps to getting started with Swift application development. These steps will help developers to properly navigate through the Apple’s new programming language.

1. Development Platform Setup

Developing iOS applications is a practical task for every business. The iOS applications can serve internal and external functions like the sales tool. Businesses can keep track on their clients and meetings in order to increase the productivity. The iOS application has the ability to run on different types of devices such as iPad, Apple TV, and Apple Watch.

The iOS application can perform almost everything to meet the business requirements. Swift app developersfirst need to know all the requirements provided by their clients to develop business-specific applications. Based on the requirements, app developers can then set up the platform for application development.

Also, application development companies need to ensure few things before publishing the iOS app. For instance, Apple ID generation, annual subscription fees. There are also different membership levels based on the type of business. The membership comes with latest iOS and software releases.

The developers need to install Xcode, an IDE for iOS application development. The best thing about Xcode is that it is easier to handle and use to anyone who has used Apple software before. Installing Xcode makes developers one step closer to build first ever iOS application.

2. Swift Learning Resources

Swift is an open source programming language. This means the source code, mailing lists, bug tracker, and regular builds are public and easily available to everyone for use. Due to its open source nature, non-Apple people(employees) have also contributed their significant efforts to make Swift more functional and user-friendly. Therefore Swift learning resources are also available in large numbers.

There are few best books available that can provide developers Swift knowledge. These books are very user-friendly as beginners will have no difficulty starting with them. All the available books on Swift programming are updated with iOS 10 SDK and Swift 3 concepts. But developers should learn Swift programming basic first before moving to iOS 10 SDK.

Below is most recommended resources for beginners and experienced iOS developers to learn Swift programming:

Apple Swift Resource Guide: There is an official book by Apple to learn Swift programming. This book offers in-depth programming concepts and features. It also covers low and high-level topics like String internals and wrapping a C library.

Code School: Professional instructors and experienced developers at Code School provides developers high-quality materials and video lessons. The step-by-step iOS application development courses help developers to go through different technical concepts of Swift and Objective-C. All the courses are properly organized into paths based on technology.

NSHipster: NShipster is like an online magazine for iOS application developers. This journal mainly covers different Objective-C, Swift, and Cocoa concepts which are often overlooked by many developers. Beginners can find a large pool of tutorials and articles that will help them to deal with iPhone application development like a professional developer. NSHipster itself recommends specific books/articles to developers based on their interest. Developers can also take part in a weekly online quiz to test their knowledge level.

3. Development Of Basic iOS Application

The Swift programming introduction starts with simple “Hello World!” program. Though it is simple, it helps to establish the basic understanding of Swift’s structure and syntax. This program also introduces developers with Xcode. There are so many options available to kick start the iOS application development with Swift programming.

Apple’s Developer Library Guided Tour provides developers with a step-by-step application coding walkthrough. The AppCoda is a puzzle-based approach where developers go through all the development levels and check the result at the end.

4.Planning For First iOS App

Where to start with first iOS app? Based on business area, there are numerous practical approaches to designing responsive iOS application. Developers should first decide whether they are designing application for third-party, end-users, or client. This will help to streamline the application development process. Developers can look at the source code of applications designed by professional Swift app developers. There are plenty of online groups and community where experts often provide different strategies and planning to build the iOS application.


iOS application development is a part of the business strategy at each level. The application can not be said successful until it receives good reviews and responds from the end-users. Swift has completely changed the face of iOS application development industry. Application developers have already started learning Swift to extend the success of the iOS application.

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