We fear results more than anything else in school. Right from the beginning we have been taught to do well in studies but what does it mean to do well? Should we be so worried about results of exams or should we give more importance to learning? If we are really interested in learning then we will sooner realize that results are only incentives but learning is an experience that happens outside examinations. You may learn very effectively but may not do exams well. This is because of the fear of examinations and has nothing to do with learning. Instead of driving home the importance of getting high scores why not focus on the subject in hand. Why not try and maximize learning?

The challenge to any teacher is to generate interest spontaneously. Interest is closely associated with entertainment. Your tutor has to make you believe that you can learn. This self-belief is hard to come by if you are constantly worried about the uncertainties of exams. The mind has to be free to learn. Your tutor has to ensure first and foremost that you are not frightened. It is said that colors stimulate the right enthusiasm among students and make them avid learners. Mozart’s music is known to increase intellectual abilities. What this goes to show is that the online tutor has to stimulate learning by providing the right environment.

A student has to bear in mind that he can stay ahead of the class. In a school it is assumed that you need to be taught at a certain pace and you can know only how much you are taught. It does not have to be that way. You can learn by reading books that make you want to learn more. For instance encyclopedia is a rich source of general knowledge and there also specific encyclopedia on Geography and other subjects. Refer to as many books and surf the Internet for more information on topics. Develop a method of chaining where you can make a note of what all you have learnt. Journaling will help students to take stock of their learning process.

Journaling is not just for experiences. It can systematize your learning as well. Children can be encouraged to do this in their own style. Their mentors should not alter the way they go about note taking as they have their unique styles. With fearlessness, stimulation, learning by initiative and organization you will automatically achieve academic success without having to worry about it.

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