We all have experienced some form of happiness that warmed our hearts and uplifted our spirits. We express it through our smiles and joyous sense of humor as we try to share our happiness with others. There's a vibrant light that shines through our aura attracting those around us and naturally, we want to share and spread this sense of love. Happiness is love because you can't have one without the other.

Happiness is found through our achievements. Knowing that we put in the work and dedicated our time to achieve a goal makes us happy. If you are feeling lazy lack confidence, and/or overwhelmed, your goals will be incomplete leaving you feeling defeated, discouraged, and disappointed. You must love yourself in order to be happy.

Many people suffer from depression because that lack order. They've allowed people to control their path in life and they begin to jump from one thing to another trying to appease every one. This creates anxiety and confusion to the individual when the only thing that truly matters is you. You must do the things you love in order to live your best life because this is where your happiness lies.

Your career should reflect your character and should flow with the vibrations of your spirit. If you're a healer, but you're not using your time to help others, you will always feel like something is missing from your life. You can have a good paying job, but you wouldn't be living an abundant life. Money doesn't make you happy and it doesn't make you abundant. If you want to live the divine life, the abundant life the Creator designed for you, you must fulfill your spiritual and physical responsibilities on this Earth.

Your physical responsibility is your job. Your 9 to 5. Its purpose is to make sure you eat, pay your bills, and to put money towards your spiritual purpose which is your career. It's easy to know your job from your career because the job makes you miserable. You complain and feel drained you dread going there. It drains your energy and if you don't tap into your divine talents. you'll lose the will to keep moving forward.

Those who are dedicated to their spiritual talents will have the opportunity to live their dreams and receive a paycheck doing what they love. Your job should be your stepping stone to your career. It is the investor to your career, so it's only the beginning and part of your journey. You are completely free to do what you want whenever you want.

You're able to celebrate with love ones, have time for the things and people who are important to you. You're emotionally fulfilled and able to give love, so that love is reflected back to you. If you don't have a partner, one will be directed towards you. If you're in a partnership, this will open the doors to proposals or moving to the next level. everything will come together as one when you're living within your divine purpose. Now, this is a life worth celebrating!

Author's Bio: 

I am a spiritual intercessor who communicates with spirit guides. I provide messages sent to me by the ancestors and angels who watch over you in your everyday life. They have a divine message for you and I am here to make sure you receive that message and live in the Spirit.