There aren’t any melodic encounters more lovely than when a rapper waxes sonnet over a pivotal beat—a center occupant of all rap music.

Unfortunately, hip-hop music isn’t generally welcomed by all divisions of the populace. Unequivocal language, realistic topics, and improper rhymes cause numerous to avoid the genre in return for progressively salubrious music.

However, the reality is the opposite; hip-hop music has gotten hostile criticism.

Numerous hip-hop artist features their battles to endure – both throughout everyday life and in the business. They support hard work and persistence, stress the significance of family, and advocate the thought of remaining consistent with yourself and your dreams. Truth be told, numerous rappers and hip-hop specialists are sincere people of confidence, be it Snoop Dogg or the Rap God Eminem.

There is no contention that the leading figures all carried on with unbelievable biographies. Tupac and Nas made inconceivably compelling tunes that changed the manner in which an individual’s pondered things. Every one of them became motivations to numerous rappers who might come in the ages after them. P. Diddy, Jay Z, 50 Cent, Dre, got into hip hop as the starting point to transform themselves from the youngster, spending childhood in unpleasant neighborhoods to multimillionaire business visionaries.

There is no other music genre than hip-hop. You see a line of legends who utilized this artistic expression to get away from their unpleasant and hard condition and transform themselves to this degree of a successful person. As a matter of fact, a considerable lot of these rap legends experienced childhood in destitution, around regular viciousness, absence of essential utilities, and opportunities than those kids in progressively shielded and privileged families have. The examples of overcoming adversity in rap give us an inspiring message that even through brutal affliction, there can at present be hope and possibilities for a better change.

All the more along these lines, hip-hop can fill in as a positive motivation for achievement in the working environment. In fact, if you are in your life at the moment, and cannot figure the way to triumph, then we have brought forth your daily dose of motivating.

Stephen James Mould’s first-ever solo ‘Living’ under the label of Suburban Entertainments was released earlier this year is March. The song became a stellar hit and took the urban music scene by storm due to epic wordings depicting the real struggle of Stephen Mould (@steviejayuk).

Stephen Mould, known by his rap-name “Stevie Jay UK,” is the CEO of VIP Vegas UK. Hailing from Hertfordshire (United Kingdom), Stephen Mould has defied the odds by growing one of the top VIP concierge companies in Las Vegas. It is now set to expand to 5 other VIP destinations worldwide with his latest venture “VIP GLOBAL UK.”

In this latest release, ‘Living’ ft. Keyz, the rapper talks of starting from “Zero and now being at a 100” with this classic rags to riches story expressing that with a bit of hard work and dedication, anything is possible no matter where you come from. The song is the ultimate motivation booster depicting how, with immense travails, Stephen Mould (@steviejayuk) is now capable of flaunting the luxurious Dubai lifestyle and flexing extravagant vehicles to his vast Instagram following.

What sets this song apart is the fact, that the artist does not show off riches inherited, but reflects the significance of hard work to be at ‘100’ all while struggling and starting off from the point ‘0’. The song is a masterpiece of inspiration for all Stephen Mould’s admirer, to learn that hard work always pays off, no matter what.

Stephen Mould (@steviejayuk)has been bringing various music for his fans, since 2014, with his debut album ‘Real Talk.’ He then released The Streets Are Watching – Vol. 1 and The Streets Are Watching – Vol. 2 in 2008 and 2010, respectively. Stephen Moud got into the limelight for his immense skills as a musician in 2018, with his tremendous track Icecream. With over 157,000 views solely on YouTube, Icecream is worth all the hype and capable of setting your mood right.

Yet, the tale of struggles and hard work expressed in the surreal rap of ‘Living’ elucidates on the personal attribute (hard work) of Stephen Mould, which made him fitted of being super-successful today, makes this song reach top our list of favorites. We are anxiously waiting to hear some more stirring songs from StevieJayUK soon. Good luck!

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