Every relative of the groom and the bride plays an important role when it comes to a wedding. As it has to be a perfect moment, when everything works properly and everyone is full of joy and pleasant feelings, the speech said by every member of the family is very significant for the overall impression of this event. Both the bride and the groom expect that every guest will have a correct attitude and an appropriate behavior in order to make thinks work right.

And when you are the stepfather of the groom, the things may be more complicated than you expect. First of all, there is a special connection between you and your stepson, as both of you are males. You surely do not use to declare your love feelings for him and this is not necessary wrong, especially if you know when it is the most appropriate moment to tell your son about your true thoughts and feelings. Remember that he must know that you respect him and his decision – this is an important matter for him and your opinion is essential.

Begin with a proper phrase. It is better to address the bride first, as she is the woman and then continue to your stepson. Try to compose a phrase that is captivating and very attractive, in order to catch everyone eyes. A phrase like “My dearest daughter and my beloved son” is exactly what you need to create a good speech. Keep it as simple as you can and avoid using very complex or sophisticated words, otherwise you will only manage to create a bad impression and insincerity. You will see that, if you are sincere and you express only your true feelings, everyone will greatly appreciate your gesture and will also consider you a very valuable person.

The body of the speech should be full of the most beautiful moments you spend near your son, along with his evolution through the years and the changes brought by the bride. You can also add some comical moments, if you like, so the atmosphere will become pleasant for everyone. You will definitely captivate every pair of eyes. Keep your voice tone neutral, but also full of joy and emotions. Try to express your admiration for your stepson and the deep respect you have for his choice and for this very important moment of his life. Do not forget that your opinion matters extremely much.

End the speech with a proper phrase, as well. Avoid long sentences and try to use only simple words, but with a complex meaning. “I wish you all the best in the world and happiest moments together, my dears” is one of the many options you have. Show everyone that you care very much about the life of the couple and that they will always have your support and consideration. They will definitely like you even more and you will be an important part of their future life – and the wedding will become a more special moment, too!

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