When a cold sweat breaks on your forehead and tickles down your brow, you know you are in trouble. This can be you diffusing a bomb or in another case scenario, making a wedding speech as a stepbrother to the groom. We do not live our lives preparing wedding day speeches yet sometimes we wish at some point that we would have one tucked somewhere for the day of the wedding. As mush as this may not be as intense as diffusing a bomb, one could go off if you say the wrong thing in front of hundreds of people. There are many movies that have re-markedly shown what happens when a speech goes wrong. So how do you come up with the best stepbrother of the groom wedding speech.

The perfect introduction

The trick to any good speech is coming up with the perfect introduction. This will either draw people's attention or keep them doing whatever they were doing to distract them from the boring speeches. This does not mean that you should do something dramatic to get people's attention. A good speech is like art, it does not shout but draws attention. The perfect introduction will need to be researched. the speech will also depend on the relationship you have with the two parties at the end of the day. There are a number of ways you can choose to start the speech depending on your audience. A good joke based on the past of either parties will be a good idea. keep it clean and interesting, most likely something people did not know about the two. A clever remark or quote from a good source will also be a good catch line for you. Keep the speech focused on the two and their special day no matter the introduction you pick. Whatever you do, do not begin by acknowledging everyone by name at the beginning of your speech.

Keep it short

Long speeches are a drag for anyone. The shorter the speech the more interesting it is. Keep it concentrated and happy for you to get the reaction you want. The point of a wedding speech is to wish the couple the best through their marriage. Let them know that you want the best for them from the bottom of your heart. There is also a difference between a short and no speech at all. Make sure it is short enough to keep people listening as well as long enough for you to say the right things.

Keep it lighthearted

A speech that maintains the mood of the wedding works best. this means that the romance, laughter and the special touch that comes with the ceremony has to be maintained. A good speech will be laced with memories, heartfelt wishes and laughter. Do not mention challenges that were a major set back unless you want to depict how strong the couple was. Skeletons should remain where they need to be during this day which is the closet. It is a good idea to read the speech to someone close to you before you do it in public if you are nervous or unsure of what to say. You have to remember however that you cannot read from a paper in public at a wedding. It will look too rehearsed and unnatural. Pick the main points on a card and use that to say what you need as a reminder. This is more professional and most importantly natural. This will keep people listening and far above all interested in what you have to say as the step brother in law to teh groom.

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