A few years ago a girlfriend of mine pulled me aside and said, "you know Angel, not everyone is like you. Not everyone can have their own business." And that got me thinking. First of all, I don't believe that is true. I truly believe you can have anything you want in this lifetime. So what is it that stops us from pursuing everything we desire?

Secondly, that is truly a victim attitude. One of my main goals in my holistic living practice is to help others let go of their victim attitude. A victim attitude is "the poor me syndrome," the excuses you make up in your head as to why you are not achieving (or even setting) your goals. It's also a way for your ego to get in the way to step inside the fear.

Lastly, those kinds of statements most likely stem from a limiting belief. A limiting belief does just that; it limits you from get from point A, where you are now, to point B, where you want to be.

I know you've heard this before, but FEAR, is false evidence appearing real. It's not real. It isn't true. It's clutter of the mind. Fear is merely a figment of your imagination and your ego's strategy to always make you feel comfortable. But I want to challenge the stubborn ego to see life in a new, beautiful light.

You see, fear is one of everyone's biggest imperfections. As I teach my clients in my Wabi-Sabi Method, imperfections are our goldmines! The things that fear us most, the things that bring us the most heartache, the things that have kept us from pursuing our dreams are actually GIFTS wrapped up in a very unusual present.

A few years later, that very same friend of mine, started her own business. This was a woman who came from another country, was a nanny for years while attending an American college, and spoke English as her second language.

While she once thought she could not be "one of those people" who pursued her talents and made a business around, ultimately she ended up stepping into her uncomfortable zone. To say the least, the ego knows how to say just the right thing, at just the right time, to make sure you are always comfortable. It despises change.

But change is intoxicating! Change gives us the ability to face our fears dead on and discover what awaits us on the other side. It's so exciting!

Once you embrace the fear by de-cluttering your thoughts, what awaits you on the other side is something you can't predict because it's off your radar. Because we were meant to live in this present moment, we can only see two steps ahead of us and not a mile down the road. Run the distance and watch your imperfections break you out of your shell and challenge your core.

Then, I invite you to make a business out of it, so others can learn how you did just that. You'd be surprised how many people want to learn what you have to teach.

Author's Bio: 

Angel Quintana is the Founder/CEO of Holistic Fashionista magazine, the #1 online haven for rad chicks in business. Her extensive knowledge in brand building, search engine marketing, and authentic selling strategies naturally attracts rebels, tastemakers, and visionaries who are ready to ditch the copycat syndrome, play by their own rules, and curate a sustainable and profitable brand using the internet.

Her innovative coaching program, Signature System helps business trendsetters develop and market a step-by-step plan that solves an urgent problem in the marketplace using what they already have in their personal toolbox. To get started in developing your Signature System and developing a cutting-edge brand that stands out, take The Business Trendsetter Archetype Quiz found at www.HolisticFashionista.com or visit her website to learn more about her private and group coaching programs at www.AngelQuintana.com.