Your actions will always reflect your dominating thoughts. Singleness of purpose is essential for success. Your enthusiasm is a vital force that impels action and inspires others. Mix enthusiasm into your everyday to stay energized and all you come in contact with will benefit. When you deliberately choose the thoughts that dominate your mind and firmly refuse to admit outside suggestion, you are exercising the highest form of self control.

Begin to aware of how you feel when you think about different things. Be aware of how your thoughts make you feel. Are your thoughts taking you toward or away from what you desire? Some may feel that thoughts can not be controlled because they just seem to pop into your head. The control starts with your awareness of how you feel in response to automatic thought and then moving your focus to better feeling thoughts. Be aware of how each thought feels and use your focus to expand your possibilities. Improve your point of attraction by choosing to focus on good vibrations.

Your primary power in this life is your point of focus. Your focus point is how you interpret this life, how you tell yourself your story. The opportunity is on and it's all up to you, you control you focus. You're in the driver's seat; you can decide where to direct your life. Your life is really your preferences. Start using your power of choice. Add choice points throughout the day. Whenever you feel stressed or catch yourself running a negative tape you can now pause and realize you have the power to choose a better now.

If you recognize in yourself a negative attribute, take a little time to work with balancing its corresponding power center. Incorporate its truth instead of the negative behavior. The goal is balancing the power centers so your energy system is running smoothly. You do not want traffic jams which lead to dis-ease.

You may get depressed but know that you have the power to decide. You can focus your thoughts positively and send better messages to your body. Whatever happens you can handle it. Learn to trust that everything you need will be there when you need it. Your mind is a powerful healer. You can visualize healing occurring within you, anytime. You are in charge. You know what was best for you. You are responsible for your own needs.

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Michele Howe Clarke, Certified QSCA Coach, MBA and bestselling author of Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble. Michele is a thriver who shares how she emerged alive, vibrant and victorious from disfiguring Head and Neck cancer. She is also an experienced speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in investment banking. She has walked her talk and she truly knows what it takes to make the difference that really matters in life. She is a powerful Change Agent who empowers you to make change easy so you can claim your value and enjoy your success now!