It is indeed true that that most of the relations that we have in life are not made by us. Most of them are pre-decided in heaven. We can never choose our father or mother, who creates us. While some relations are merely meant to be accepted, there are others that we choose. However, there are even some relations that are made by God, yet we choose to keep and cherish them as the people with whom we are bound feel immensely close to us.

I have one of such relations in my life and that is with you, dear brother. We don't share the same blood, yet we share a relationship that is stronger than that of real siblings. Our faces don't resemble; our talks are not alike; our attitude is totally different, yet together we are closely tied. Having a brother like you has always made me proud. In fact, more than a brother, you've been like a friend to me; a voice that I belong to when I am in despair; ears that I depend on when I wish to shout out loud and a heart wherein I can silently hide whenever I feel like I am being chased by problems in life.

I turn back and get visions of our childhood. When we were introduced to each other, we barely understood the meaning of being "step" cousins. We grew together in different houses yet you always made sure that you called and spoke with me at least once in a month. Later, our relationship grew so strong that I felt as if I have a hand on my head whenever I am down. Your presence always brought a wide smile on my face and the distance killed me. Yet, your phone calls, emails and couriered gifts have always been adored by me. Well, I do not mean to give a boring step-cousin of the groom wedding speech but today I want to tell you something that I never said 'til date.

Brother, I love you with all my heart. In fact, I do not love you because you are my step cousin; you are my favorite step cousin and hence I adore you the most. Well I know the others here are going to get jealous but then I would repeat the same statement when I am giving the speech for your weddings. As for now, this statement is only meant for him. Anyway, looking at this gorgeous and pretty lady right next to you, I feel immensely happy. I feel so close to the new bride already.
When we met for the first time, I was more nervous than her because I did not know what to say. Yet, she made me so comfortable with her that the very next hour I found myself sharing some memorable college stories with her. I must say that you are lucky to have someone like her because she knows how to cheer someone up. With this, I just want to end the speech by saying that all my wishes and regards are with you both. May god bless you with all the happiness and good memories to cherish all your life.

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