Wedding speeches are very important in a wedding. Different people are chosen to make different speeches on this great day. There are different wedding speeches and among them is the step-cousin of the bride wedding speech. This speech should be interesting to listen to. As the step-cousin, you are part of the bride’s family and there is a reason you have been chosen to give a speech. May be you share a childhood or at some point you stayed together with the bride and hence you have a lot to say about the bride and her groom.

Put into consideration that the couple have invited guests from all over and therefore, introduce yourself and mention how you are related to the couple. Do not assume that everyone knows you and this will assist in making things clear. You could even mention where you come from so that guests are not left with questions in their minds.

Once you have introduced yourself, you are good to begin your speech. First of all, be grateful for the opportunity to give the speech as this is great privilege. Thank the couple, the master of ceremony and other guests. Once you have done this, share a brief story about the two on different topics like a memorable childhood story if you grew up together with the bride, how you came to know that the bride and the groom were in love, a day the bride stood with you during some difficult times. Make it interesting and be careful not to overdo it.

As you proceed, be careful not to concentrate so much on the bride and forget the groom. This is their day and you should make it memorable. You do not want to give an impression that you are mean with your speech. By now you also know something about the groom and so mention something about him and later, talk about the two. It is always interesting to listen to a speech about how lovely the couple has been. You must have a lot to say about their love and therefore do not leave out anything. You could mention the happy moments you have shared together them as a couple and touch a bit on the moments you have shared with the bride.

Give compliments to the couple. There were several other people who would have given the speech but you were picked and this means that you know the couple pretty well. Choose your words wisely while giving compliments. Do not copy the common compliments everyone gives as this becomes boring and very normal. You want to be extraordinary and so be excellent.

Give a wish. This is the climax of your speech. There are so many things you could wish the couple like joy, wealth, blessings and other positive notes. Be original while doing this. Remember these are people you have known for some time and therefore wish them well in this special day. You know what they like so wish them that.

Assure the groom that you are happy to have him as part of your family. Be humorous as you progress if you can and do not overdo it and do not force humor as it will spoil the whole speech. Some people will judge you based on how you speak and so be careful. A speech should have words of encouragement and therefore encourage the couple to keep love alive.

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