If you are someone who wants to take advantage of the vast market by trading into it then TradedWell is your best call. It gives you an amazing perspective of investments that you do not hear otherwise. The broker believes in empowering its clients with quality services and game-changing features. Every step you take with the trading portal leaves you surprised and longing for more. You get studded with supreme assets and instruments for trading in the market that captivates your thoughts into investment.

The broker is illustrious from all traders alike and its performance is tailor-made for everyone who wants to create an account and trade in different financial domains of the world.

What are the Tradable Assets with TradedWell?

Any broker is known for the kind of services and products it offers for trading. Thankfully, TradedWell has abundant options for all traders that keep them on a running pedestal while continuously producing results that please their wealth and hearts.

The broker deals in various assets and instruments, including, foreign exchange, stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, metals, CFDs and commodities. Each of them has various advantages attached to them and as per needs, a person can seek services.

Commodities: The broker has been following the tradition which is centuries old. Trading commodities is not new and TradedWell has incorporated the broker which is giving a sound message of bigger income. You get to trade on more than 20 plus commodities with CFDs. So, if you want to excel in the stream, here’s your destination.

It covers all hard and soft commodities that include sugar, coffee, wheat, cocoa, gas, oil, and other popular assets. If you are sure of dealing in a suave environment by using pro analytical tools, it is your market for investment. You get the opportunity to speculate the market and see the trend.

Cryptocurrencies: If you are someone who is into technology, then tech-powered digital currencies are for you to trade. You can earn money while accomplishing your fetish for technology. The market is relatively new but giving a tough competition to the biggest ones around. Cryptocurrencies are even slated to be the future of trading. Thus, picking up ethereum, bitcoin, ripple, and several digital currencies is beneficial.

You can choose any of the trading platforms or accounts that suit your trading style and earn wealth through that. Also, there is a facility for affixing your goals. You can capitalise on crypto price swings.

Metals: TradedWell gives traders chances to pounce over the market of precious metals. They remain stable and find the trust of the market when no other asset or financial market performs well or suffers, then traders find precious metals as their last resort. So, investment here would mean your funds are safe and at no risk. And with services accommodated by TradedWell, you can find yourself in a profitable place. You can try CFDs on these metals and speculate on the prices instead of buying them on purpose.

Indices: If you are looking to vet the stock market and want to speculate the market with less or no risk, then investing in Indices markets with TradedWell is the nicest idea that you can stick with. Trading with an index ensures you take your time understanding the financial market. Also, it’s a challenging and hopeful alternative to stock trading. You can make a prediction for Nasdaq, NYSE, FTSE100, DOW and others. Moreover, there’s always the facility of CFDs for exploring different international markets.

Forex: You can select and trade the biggest financial arena for trading. Foreign exchange is the largest liquid market that has volumes of millions, surpassing the average daily trading of USD 6.6 trillion. CFD gives ample opportunities to trade various currency pairs including, major, minor and exotic. The full customisation service offered by the broker is class apart and leads a trader to the front of the trading game.

Shares: The broker promotes and helps in dealing with stocks of companies that are the giant of the market. Thus, there’s no risk involved in trading with them. Moreover, a trader will always make money with the investment of some patience along with time and money. You can speculate the price of famous companies like Tesla, Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Apple and others. One can try to take advantage of tech giants using CFD instruments that allows or opens the gateway of different markets worldwide.

How to Trade Bitcoin with TradedWell?

For trading bitcoin with TradedWell you need to have knowledge about cryptocurrency. Garner information and learn whether you admire indulging in the concept of digital currency because, without interest, a trader cannot go far. So, introspect that. If you find yourself interested in it, then read the terms and conditions, privacy policies and after getting satisfied be ready for creating an account. Also, you need to choose a market you fancy the most while you invest in bitcoin. A trader should know about the volatility aspects.

He/She can use tools provided by TradedWell and gain profits. Also, it is imperative to pay attention to directions by experts and regular news alerts that impact the market. It is always interesting to see how bitcoin reacts to them.

Learn about the price of bitcoin
Ensure you would like to go short or long
Set your limit and stop-loss
Monitor your stakes
Close your position when satisfactory profit comes your way

How to buy stocks in different stock markets with TradedWell?

For buying stocks in different stock markets, you should trust your broker because it offers you the platform that guides you to the success metre. A trader should be able to find the best companies and those that fit in the categories of needs. So, it is important to figure out which sector you want to choose. Every market has its specifications, demand and supply. A trader needs to focus on that aspect before treasuring trading with them.

Thus, before buying the stocks you must use an online stock broker in TradedWell. Read all guidelines required to create an account and submit funds into it. A trader can use the online portal tools and features to enter the different stock markets. Also, there’s CFD technology available that opens the door to explore various trading stock markets for speculation. Trading becomes easier for people.

Which Trading Platform Does TradedWell Offer?

If accounts are souls then platforms are the hearts of a broker. TradedWell offers three of the finest trading platforms that are helping traders grow bigger in the market and earn huge wealth.

The broker is offering MetaTrader4, WebTrader and Mobile App. All have specialities and cater to myriad needs of traders hailing from distinguished backgrounds.


The platform does not need any introduction because it is widely being used by millions of users globally. It is laced with several benefits and features.
You get multiple chart windows
In-platform price alerts
Automated stop-loss services
Real-time balance level
Dedicated customer support
One-click trading and account switching
Live chat option
Four execution modes
Technological analysis tools
Trade history
Customised trading

Moreover, the speed of the platform is quick and your bids travel at a lightning speed. Also, it has trust bestowed by millions of clients. And it is successfully offering its services relentlessly. So, it’s a huge asset for TradedeWell’s customers.

WebTrader: By using the services of the WebTrader platform provided by TradedWell, you can view and trade in international markets with just a click. You do not require any installation and can use it through the desktop version. One can use a favourite browser and start trading in any market that pleases them.

Users who want to take the intermediate route, choose WebTrader as their platform. It is easy for them to apply their strategies and go for bids unabashedly. It offers supplementary software and download

Consistent connection and handling toolkit
One-click account switching
Live chat available
Inherent platform support
Fast order execution
Multilingual customer care
Balance level in real-time
Automatic stop loss
Trade mode alternatives
Full synchronisation
Dynamic alternatives
Wide selection of charts

Mobile App:- This is a wonderful platform for those who want everything on their mobile phone. The platform inherits all features and characteristics needed to bid, buy and sell assets in the market. You can access the market from any place and anytime after installing the application. You can keep track of every market’s ups and downs even while moving from one place to another. You would just need a stable internet connection.

You can use more than sixty tools for analysis of the market
Set up stop loss
Available on iOS and Android
Balance check in real-time
Multilingual support
Customise trading ability
More than one hundred and seventy assets are available for trading

What are the Commission and Spreads of Brokers?

When we talk about TradedWell, it is the noblest broker around and knows what exactly a trader wants for trading. A market player will always want a waiver or discount from extra charges so that he/she can concentrate fully on trading assets. Also, the money saved goes straightaway into the market that raises the capacity of users.

Thus, it charges zero commission on depositing funds. The VPS is free too. Moreover, you get a discount of fifty per cent on the swap overnight charges while trading with Platinum Account.

Interestingly, spreads start as low as 20 for the popular forex pairs here. So, the benefits are high for traders. As per your convenience, you can choose the best time and currency pair for trading.

So, TradedWell makes for the best combination of fewer investments and higher returns due to spreads and commission charges applied by it. Trading with these possibilities helps traders to think wider and better.

Is TradedWell Good For Trading?

TradedWell is the den of all good things that a trader would ever need to excel in the market of volatility. You name it and the broker will present you with that feature. That’s why the online trading portal won two of the most prestigious awards as follows:-

Best Trading conditions 2020
Best Online Trading Services

These felicitations tell that the broker has got the best services and conditions to pull the performance of a market player. It is the strength of the broker that attracts traders on its portal.

The available base currencies are GBP, USD, EUR
Swap discount available is 50 per cent
The average execution speed is the fastest among several other brokers standing at 0.05
Ten hour customer support from Monday to Friday
Starting of spreads on forex or currency pairs is 20
Get the maximum leverage up to 1:500. It means an amazing trading experience and terrific benefits.
You do not have to pay a single penny for depositing funds in the wallet of the broker
Trade CFDs on more than 170 assets. Thus, you can experiment or speculate in different markets without owning the assets. That’s hugely beneficial, and does not require money initially.
Education hub is fantastic for traders who want to learn and perform well in the market. Get regular news and updates throughout that and stay on the top.
Islamic Account is available to traders from the Muslim community with astounding features
Hedging is applicable for every user
A dedicated account manager is there too for help

Is TradedWell Scam or Safe?

TradedWell has always led the trading portal with integrity and complies with the utmost transparency for its clients. The broker is operated by iTrade Global (Cy) LTD. So, it establishes the broker as a reputed one. It is backed by a license number, regulated and authorised by top-class regulatory authority CySEC. Also, the broker is registered. So, it conforms to all laws and regulations.

The license number is 298/16. You can verify it for further inquiries.

Conclusion: TradedWell treats all its users unequivocally. That’s the reason why trading with it becomes the best experience for traders. Also, technologically, it is way advanced from its competitors. The broker provides instant trading and does not cease to excite traders with its top class services.

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