Painting kitchen cabinets is one of the most affordable ways of improving the appearance of your kitchen space.

Simple paint can transform the entire look of your kitchen. But you must do it right to get the best results. We’ll offer a detailed guideline that can get you started.

Is painting a good option for you?

Just before you start painting your kitchen cabinets, you must evaluate if your cabinets are worth painting or if you need new cabinets altogether.

This conclusion can be arrived at if you look at the shape of your current cabinets. Are they still functional? If they are, then you can proceed to paint them because they just need an aesthetic upgrade. However, if your cabinets are worn out, buying new blue kitchen cabinets is the only option if you wanted blue cabinetry.

What do you need for painting?

Once you have settled on painting, you should have the following materials in readiness for the job: sanding block, steel wool, primer sealer, paint applicator, fine-grit sandpaper, tack cloth, semi-gloss paint, painters’ tape, denatured alcohol, and rosin paper.

All these materials are easily available in stores at affordable prices, thus you shouldn’t worry about their cost.

Consider the cost

The cost of kitchen remodeling is always high if you are buying new cabinetry. However, affordable options like blue kitchen cabinets can work with your budget.

When considering the cost, be mindful of the overall cost of painting against buying new ones. In all ways, painting is likely to be cheaper than buying new cabinets.

In our estimation, the overall painting costs will be around $200, though it depends on the size of the kitchen cabinets.

Getting started with the paint job

There are three basic steps that will guide you to the end of your painting job.

1. Size up your job

Consider the type of cabinets that you have and how you will paint them. At this stage, you will be examining the cabinet materials. Normally, metal, wood, and wood-laminate cabinets can be painted with ease, unlike plastic laminate which needs special paints to repaint.

2. Select the color

Decide the new color that you want you to want to have in your kitchen space. Do you fancy blue kitchen cabinets? Then you can pick blue as the color of your cabinets. Be mindful of other kitchen elements to create a good color combination.

3. Select the type of finish

Finally, select the type of finish that you prefer depending on your preference and budget. You broadly have to choose between spray and brush painting. This will impact the overall quality and aesthetics of the work done.

You can always do this yourself. However, working with a painter can produce greater results.

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