Becoming a mobile phone dealer can be a very rewarding and appealing career. If you are able to done well then you can be assured to make a decent living, employ other people and set your own hours. The idea to become a dealer for cell phonelets you explore different technologies that drive the functioning of mobile phones. If you want to become a mobile dealer then you need to do proper research, develop an interesting business plan, and set up your business.

Conducting Research

This is the first stage and involves the steps mentioned below:

Talk to mobile phone providers

Start your research by talking to local cell phone dealers regarding their experience of becoming a dealer. Ask about their daily routine. Find out about the rate of pay and commission they get from the service provider.

Gain knowledge

If possible find a job with a local mobile phone dealer. There are several dealers who hire sales agents or cashiers. This would give you firsthand experience to prepare for this as a career.

Research service providers

It is important to know that each service provider has its own requirements to apply for dealership. You can find out about these specifications and requirements on the website of the company. While some dealers offer more than one service provide within the business, other do not. if you are unable to find the details you are looking for on their website then call their customer care department and discuss in detail.

• Ask about pay schedule and commission rates
• Check to find out if the service provider offers proper coverage in the area you are planning to start a business.
• Ask for business application pre-requisites and requirements that they might have like credit availability, resume or business plan.
• Find out about the capital you will require starting a business.

Survey the market

Find out the areas where you want to start your business. One thing is for sure you do not want to set up a business right next to the similar business unless you are prepared to complete. You can conduct a research talking to people and finding out if they are interested in different cell phone options in that particular area. You can do this by conducting door-to-door survey. You can also prepare a survey questionnaire and post it on social media or email them.

Part 2

It is all about establishing business.

Choose a service provider

You can do this by relying on the research you conducted precisely. If you want to offer a variety of services to the target market then you can opt for more than one service provider. Make a decision on the basis of the coverage in your locality, expected return on investment and application requirements.

Develop a business plan

Before applying for a dealership or approaching a bank for a loan, ensure you develop a business plan. This would provide financial projections, explain the goal of the company and list marketing solutions and strategies. You would submit this plan to the service provider and to a bank if you are considering applying for a loan.

Acquire the needed capital

When you choose to become a postpaid wireless dealer, you should know that it has several associated costs. You would require capital for initial investment in utilities, rent, marketing materials and inventory.

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These are two the many parts you need to follow if you want to become a mobile dealer.