Cause and effect essays are about highlighting a particular situation in which a cause is defined followed by the effect of the cause. To put it simply, cause and effect essay is all about discussing the and why of the situation. The most important thing that students usually forgets while writing such type of essays is the logical arrangement or organization of the content. The ideal way to organize is to first discuss the cause of a problem, its origin then the effect of that cause which may be divided in to positive and negative impact.

By and large, there are three types cause and effect essay topic is written:

1- When there is a single cause resulting into multiple consequences
2- When there are multiple causes resulting into a single effect
3- Chain pattern

Now, we will discuss how to write cause and effect essay in detail

How to write the introduction?

An ideal introduction consist of a powerful thesis statement and the background of the topic, here you will also be telling the readers about which of the above told type would be incorporated in the cause and effect essay writing.

How to write the body?

The body would be discussing the information that you provided in the introduction of the essay, in case you are dealing with multiple causes or effects, you can discuss them one by one in separate paragraphs.

For instance:

When there is single cause and multiple effects:


Smoking cigarettes

Multiple effects:

1- Result into lung cancer
2- It can also result into oral cancer
3- Create breathing problem for the people around the smoker

When there are multiple cause and single effects:

Single Effect:

Environmental pollution

Multiple causes:

1- Industries releasing pollution in the air
2- Sewage water getting mixed in natural water
3- astage getting into sea

When there is a chain pattern

Chain pattern is one in which there is single cause leading to nonstop effects, like if we take the example of deforestation, it leads to the forest disappearance to arid green to decrease in the average rainfall.

How to write the conclusion?

The last thing in the essay is perhaps the most important one; make sure you are fully justifying the rules for writing a cause and effect conclusion. There are three major components of a conclusion for cause and effects essay, they are as follows:

1- Restatement of the thesis statement
2- Short summary comprising of the major points discusses in the essay
3- You personal viewpoints and suggestions to improve the situation.

Hence, everything will fall into place if you are following the rules for writing cause and effect essay told above. Cause and effect would the easiest for writing if you are very clear about your writing; it is also advisable that you first draw a cause and effect essay outline before writing cause and effect essay so that you won’t find any problem during the writing process. Final words of advice are to logically arrange the cause and effect essay material because sometimes students neglect this aspect leading to very bad grades.

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