Canon offers us printer with good quality which helps us by offering multi-services. But, some error codes time to time occur in the canon printer and interrupt the service of canon printer. Error B200 is also an error which we can see occurring in the canon printer. So, here, we will talk how to solve this error B200 in canon printer by which we can again enjoy the flawless service of the canon printer. One can also take help from Canon Printer Support to fix any kind of canon printer issue. By dialing the Canon Printer Support number, you can talk with the expert team of Canon Printer Support

What is canon printer error B200?

Canon basically provides us with good quality printers which are also rich with new age technology. But as a technical device, time to time, the occurrence of some error is natural. Canon printer error B200 is also commonly occurred in the canon printer. when your canon printer has to face the error B200, it displays a message “A service error occurs” which will also instruct you to turn your printer off and then tell you to check for any unwanted debris or packaging inside the printer after which you can turn your printer on again. When the Canon Pixma inkjet printer has to face overheating in the printhead that happens because of the electronic malfunction, then the canon printer error B200 appears. The inkjet printers of Canon come with different models which have either 2 cartridges or 4 cartridges. So, we will discuss the process of removing the error in both types of canon printers. For any kind of canon printer issue, you can take help from Canon Printer Support also.

The solution to the error B200 in the canon printer with 2 cartridges

•By turning off your canon printer with 2 cartridges, you can start the process of eliminating the error B200 from your printer. Mostly, this error happens when the cartridge cradle is stuck. By restarting the printer, we may able to fix the canon printer error B200.

•In the next step, you have to turn your printer on again.

•Sometimes, besides the problematic cartridges, others also can create the canon printer error B200. Therefore, it is important you should remember which ink cartridge you replaced last time and then replace it carefully from the slot.

•In the two cartridges Canon printer, the printhead is actually a part of the cartridge. So, it is not possible to solve the error B200 in the Canon Printer without changing the cartridge which is creating a problem in the printer. Therefore, by replacing the old cartridge with a new one you can resolve the issue.

•Then, run a general nozzle check or cleaning cycle for the better performance of the printer. By doing it, you can decide if the problematic cartridge is replaced or not.

•If you still facing the issue then try to resolve it by replacing the other cartridge. It is sure that this error B200 is occurred because of one of these two cartridges as it is a two cartridges canon printer. So check and replace the faulty one correctly and enjoy flawless printing experience.

By following the steps we have discussed above, you can be able to remove the error B200 from your canon printer with 2 cartridges. For any confusion, you can talk with the team of Canon Printer Support .

•Start the process of fixing error B200 in your canon printer with 4 cartridges by removing the ink cartridges from the inside of the printer. You can do it by opening the top cover of the printer and then the cartridge cradle is automatically lifted up. Then you can easily remove the cartridge from the cradle.

•In the next step, you have to take out the printhead from the inside of the printer. You can do it by lifting up the lever which is beside the cartridge cradle. By lifting up that lever, you can smoothly remove the printhead from the inside of the printer.

•Proceeding to the next, you have to put the printhead back in its place by locking the lever properly.

•By reinserting the cartridges in the correct position, you have to move to the next step. To make sure that your printer is ready to work by accessing the cartridges and the printhead, you have to close the printer doors properly.

•After that, cut the electric connection of your printer by unplugging it and keep it in that position for approximately 5 minutes or more. By doing this, you can help the printer to cool down and thereby it also can eliminate the lasting electrical energy.

•After that, you can plug in your printer again.

•You can get the better service from your printer if you run a nozzle check or cleaning cycle.
The team of Canon Printer Support can also help you in resolving issues related to your Canon printer. Canon Printer Support offers the best services to the customers as they give importance to customer satisfaction. So, get connected with Canon Printer Support and enjoy printing with your Canon printer.

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