Step #4 ~ Being The Change

What do I believe in? What are my desires? What stage am I at in my evolution? Life knows no boundaries except for the ones we impose according to what we are accepting and believing.

We can at any moment, move around what is manifesting in our lives by changing the energy that has been qualified by our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Nothing can show up in our life without us thinking it, believing it, seeing it, accepting it, feeling it, and acting upon it. This is the universal law and no one can escape it.

We know that whatever we are feeling, we are creating. It is energy vibrating within us… and whatever energy is vibrating within us is going to find itself out in the world in terms of experience and manifestation.

We can decide not to believe in whatever is a limiting experience in our lives. Do not believe in lack, do not believe in disease… whatever it is, we can withdraw our energy, our power and our attention from it and we can replace beliefs that do not further us with love, light, life, and abundance.

When we understand that all manifestation is a vibration of energy that has been first qualified and determined by the choices we allow ourselves to feel, we will start to accept that we are creator beings and realize that we can change things much quicker than before.

We can allow magic and wonder back into our lives by reaching up to the stars and dreaming. Our only responsibility is to choose it, see it, feel it, speak it, hold it in our hearts and be ready to take action. We choose it and then we allow source energy within us to manifest it.

We are to forget everything we do not want, and focus on the results we wish to see in our lives. We are here to create our highest truth, not to search for it. We are to be the essence of that which we desire. When we become accountable, responsible and willing to love our life free, we become a force for freedom in this world.

As we say yes to all our hearts passion and give ourselves permission to do what we love to do, knowing that as people cross our path in all that we are loving to do and loving to be, our life will be a blessing to others.

To love life, is to give ourselves every opportunity to achieve everything we came here to be. To love life is also to love the opportunity to be responsible for the life we have been given.

Lets open the door within and allow source energy to be fully realized in us, as us, through us, and out into our world. Love creation. Love peace Love glory and be Love. The light needs you and the world needs your light. Be the light within you. BE the change that you already are. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Wishing you Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations in your week ahead,

Infinite Love & Light,
Twin Flames, Erica and Dwaine

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We are Twin Flames, Erica and Dwaine and we have started the Human Harmonics Project which is a movement of people doing their part to change the emotional state of the world from a fear based reality to one of light and love. We have dedicated ourselves to this mission full-time for the past 3 years. Prior to this, Erica worked in varying fields with her Psychology degrees and Dwaine ran a Hypnotherapy Center and College for Hypnotherapy.

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On our websites ( and we are creating and implementing effective ways people can easily change their emotional state from fear to love to manifest their own Utopian life's Project. All we ARE is LOVE and we are all ONE.

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