Let's talk a little about taking care of your body. Indeed, we have times when accidents and deformities become inevitable. Even in the face of such, we will always want to have hope in getting better bodies. It is at this point that stem cell therapy steps in. I assume that you have heard a little about stem cell therapy. If you have, then you must be familiar with Dr. W. Joseph Gorum, too.

Stem cell treatment involves the transplantation of various blood stem cells. Usually, it aims at treating multiple conditions of the blood as well as the immune system. It also comes in handy in restoring your blood system upon undergoing cancer treatments. Ideally, the raw blood stem cells will differentiate to form new daughter cells, which then generate new cell types or parts.

Various aspects have contributed to the growing interest in stem cell therapies. A few of these reasons include the following.

· Watching the growth of these cells until they form new bones or even muscles, it becomes much more comfortable for experts to understand how diseases develop. This way, taking relevant measures becomes more straightforward

· This therapy plays a critical role in regenerative medicine. With this, you will no longer need to worry about the replacement or repair of damaged tissues. Regenerative medicine will come in handy for those with conditions such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, or even heart conditions

· Did you know that stem cell therapy will be vital in testing the safety as well as the effectiveness of various drugs? Checking the level of toxicity in any treatment will help in avoiding fatalities

Types of stem cells
You will be confident of different types of stem cells at your disposal, which means you can choose from a variety. It all depends on the condition you could be suffering. The following are the established types that you could get.

· Embryonic stem cells
These are the stem cells derived from 3-5 day old embryos. Such embryos are usually with about 150 cells. You will always get them from the inner part of a blastocyst.

· Adult stem cells
These cells will often be derived from developed tissues and organs in the body. They come in handy in repairing as well as replace damaged tissues.

The essence of stem cell therapy
We have various benefits of stem cell therapy, including the following.

· It comes in handy in keeping you away from surgery and its complications
· You will also be sure of a relatively minimal post-procedural recovery period
· It does not expose you to general anesthesia
· There is minimal risk of getting rejected
· You do not need to worry about infectious disease transmission

Are there any side effects of stem cell therapy? Well, the truth is that this treatment could come with minimal risks and side effects. However, some people could experience low blood cell counts.

Whichever way you look at it, stem cell therapy will always come out as the best option for many people. Today would be the best day for you to visit Brooklyn Medical Services.

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