Simpler stem cell development dictators are captured by scientists from the City University of New York. The molecules found with the ability to control the fate of stem cells are metabolites. The finding will greatly decrease the cost involved in stem cells specified differentiation which is assisted by cocktail biomarkers to a great level. Besides, it will also boost the further probing on the capabilities of stem cells’ differentiation.

Early in 2011, it had been found that the culture material can influence the state and growth of stem cells. And to be exact, it’s the stiffness. On culture medium with different stiffness level, different differentiation results were presented in the studies. On this finding, scientists who aimed to find a more common and cheap molecules to replace the use of extreme traditional biomarkers got inspired. There must be factors working to lead to such results. Then studies on this subject were conducted.

At the beginning of the study, an issue that how to make the composition of the culture medium controllable to be easily inspected as the stiffness level may influence the developing direction of stem cells confronted. Quickly, under the cooperation with Rein Ulijn an expert in this field a way out was thought of. With a peptide gel that composed of only two substances, the problem was solved perfectly as all variables are under monitoring and metabolites that play a role in the process is locked into a narrower range.

Then they studied the stem cells that differentiate into bone and cartilage. Two metabolites- lysophosphatidic acid in bone and Cholesteryl sulfate in cartilage were targeted as the controllers. In the latter reverse experiments, stem cells that are added with the two metabolites are developed into bone or cartilage cells, which proves that the two metabolites are dictators of stem cells.

The study result is highly significant for the further researches on stem cells and their application, as well as some bio-drugs, providing a brand-new research direction to decrease the cost for scientific projects in this aspect. More closely, the discovery can be immediately employed to save budget for stem cells differentiation programs to vast degree.

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