The general Foodservice Industry.

Food service industry is part of the larger hospitality industry and according to statistics, it contributes to about 10%of the overall US economy thus making it a vital industry that should never be ignored. Currently, the industry employs about 15 million people every year and out of this number, there about 175,000 people resigning or losing their jobs every year.

The current problems in the industry.

This large number of positions falling vacant every year hurts the general economy to about 70%. The restaurant management are left in a very tight position given that they cannot employ another employment overnight. It is also important to not that very few people of the employees of the food service industry view it as a full time job. In some cases, management may have no alternative than to take up the vacant shifts that the respective employers fail to turn up. This will not only lead to financial losses in your business, but you may not be able to serve all your clients thus affecting your overall reputation.

How does STECKER help in such situations?

In a bid to keep the business operating, unfortunately, a lot of restaurant owners end up with employees who are not fully qualified or trained to handle various restaurant tasks. This is where STECKER comes in handy.
By having this app on your phone, you will be able to get trained and qualified employees to cover the shifts that fall vacant by just one push of a button. It is one app that will prevent the service disruption while at the same time it will provide some income to the talented and qualified individuals.

Just like calling UBER, restaurant owners can easily source for ready and capable food service industry workers. With our initial target of 2% of the overall employment, STECKER will be able to sort out about 3,420 daily shifts. STECKER will have a local network or food service freelancers who gave detailed background checks, resumes and any other detail that may be required by the restaurant owners.

As a subscribed restaurant, you will have access to the freelancers’ network and their respective locality. When you get a slot in your business, you will simply open the app, enter the vacant position, the time and attire/uniform needed for the service, shift pay and then tap. That’s all you need to get a qualified and talented restaurant industry freelancer.

STECKER as a great service marketing tool.

Any restaurant industry freelancer will need to put key details about themselves. There is an option to accept or decline a shift and the pay rate provided by the potential employer. The app is quite affordable charging the freelancers just 7% of the agreed rate. If you want to stand out, you can upload a short video about yourself for a hosting fee of just $3.99 per month
for the restaurant owners, they just need to carefully write their profile detailing the operational hours. The listed restaurants can teach, train and test potential freelancers through the app before placement.

STECKER is really determined to connect restaurant opportunities and restaurant owners. Having carried proper research and the need for STECKER in the hospitality industry, we are 100% positive that this is the exact thing that all food service industry enthusiasts need. As we continue growing, transparency and data security will be one of the areas that we will put our emphasis on.

You can be a part of this idea by backing up our STECKER campaign and let us grow this together. This is one app that is determined to benefit both the restaurant owners as well as the qualified freelancers. With the founder having over 10 years in the hospitality industry, you can rest assured that this is destined for greatness.

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