Whether you classify yourself as a “go getter” or not we all desire to accomplish or achieve certain goals and experiences. When we do not reach our objective within the time frame we want, our mental, and emotional state of being becomes frustrated and often irritable. Here are some affirmations to assist in staying on point:

~ I learn to accept the here and now.

~ From a perspective of love and compassion for myself, I choose to observe this life experience with expansive awareness and see it from a higher perspective.

~ Free of judgment and choosing to be a silent witness to the experience I can objectively choose how I will show up.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Gentle Boudrie is a Radio Talk Show Host, Meditation and Wellness Instructor, Energy Worker and Self-Discovery Coach. Sign up to receive these affirmations: http://awakenwithlight.hs-sites.com/get-peace-now